Comino Blouse

I’ve been really into boxy and flowing tops this year… but as we head back into the school year, I felt like maybe I should make a few more polished items. I’ve been obsessing about sewing neckline keyholes lately, so I combined the two goals into one top! The pattern is one of my all-time … More Comino Blouse

Concord Dress #3

Look, I hope you follow my blog because you like the sort of thing I sew… because all I’ve sewn this summer are endless rayon jersey dresses! And I’ve got one more for you today – a last-minute Cashmerette Concord tee hack before my first class teaching local sewists Concord and Lark tees! Essentially, it’s … More Concord Dress #3

Concord Dress #2

Readers, we have moved into our new (rental) house! It’s everything we hoped – quiet, restful, beautiful and in good shape! And boy oh boy, it is so much easier to take blog pics when I’ve got a few locations to use at home! Up first, a Concord dress I sewed before moving! I had … More Concord Dress #2

Concord Dress

In the continuing Cashmerette-ization of my wardrobe, I bring you: a Concord Dress! I’ve been dreaming of a ruffle-hemmed shift dress for a few months, and very nearly stuck a ruffle on my trusty Ultimate Shift Dress pattern… but then the mood struck for a simple knit dress, and I used the Concord pattern instead! Wearing … More Concord Dress

All About the Fabric

I can’t even count how many times I’ve used the Sew Over It Shift Dress since I bought it in October – maybe 4 dresses and 2 coatigans? This time it’s a sleeveless version, modelled on a cold, windy, snowy day… but it’s all about this fabulous fabric! Please note the snow in the background. … More All About the Fabric

Types of T-Shirts

A tee seems so basic… but there are just so many styles! For the past couple of seasons, I’ve found myself reflecting on what silhouette of tee I want to sew and wear. Classic, drapey, or boxy? High neckline or scoop? Long, super long, or medium-short? There’s the matter of style, but also what is … More Types of T-Shirts

Wedding Guest Wear

Remember this post in October when I was avoiding FBA-ing a shift dress and sewing a leather clutch for an upcoming family wedding? Well, I bit the bullet on both (the wool jacket is yet to be started though) and here is the result! The dress is my third Sew Over It Ultimate Shift dress (1, … More Wedding Guest Wear