Searching for the Perfect Summer Tank: Jalie 3245 and Santa Fe

Earlier this month, I mentioned that I’m looking for a TNT summer tank pattern. Itch To Stitch Lago wasn’t right for me, so I thought I’d mention a few patterns I already love! First up, the Hey June Santa Fe! This was my favourite pattern last summer, and I love all those versions still. It’s … More Searching for the Perfect Summer Tank: Jalie 3245 and Santa Fe

Wardrobe Padding

I cleaned out my summer scraps from the sewing room the other day – aka. the huge pile of scraps from everything I’ve sewn over the last 3 months! In the process, I finished up some WIPs and sewed some scrap busters. Sewing scraps is almost like tidying, right? First up, a Maria Denmark Day-to-Night … More Wardrobe Padding

A Grown-Up Santa Fe

It’s not often I sew something solid black… but one thing my wardrobe lacks is “good” clothes for going out or to events. (Do I go out or to events? Um, no. Stop being logical. I’m  justifying sewing more clothes!)  This is a black crepe knit version of the Hey June Santa Fe top. Like my … More A Grown-Up Santa Fe

Hey June Santa Fe

I am so annoyed. What, can’t you tell? When I took these pics, all was well – nice pattern, nice tops! I downloaded them into Lightroom, then deleted the photos from the camera card to clear room for my next photoshoot… and somehow, deleted the versions Lightroom was using as well! Did they not properly … More Hey June Santa Fe

Shirts Of A Feather Flock Together

There’s a strange satisfaction in being consistent with my fabric choices…  so I was pleased to realised that both these recent makes feature feather-ish shapes with black, white and jewel-tone colours! There’s really no other similarity in the projects, but I’m blogging them both together anyway. First, a 2nd-hand dress refashioned into a tank. The dress … More Shirts Of A Feather Flock Together