Searching for the Perfect Summer Tank: Testing the Lago Tank

Spoiler: This is not my perfect summer tank. In fact, I had enough issues with this pattern as a tester that I almost didn’t blog about it… but several people have mentioned the pattern to me, and I thought I might as well point out what alterations I needed, and who might actually love this … More Searching for the Perfect Summer Tank: Testing the Lago Tank

Concord Dress #3

Look, I hope you follow my blog because you like the sort of thing I sew… because all I’ve sewn this summer are endless rayon jersey dresses! And I’ve got one more for you today – a last-minute Cashmerette Concord tee hack before my first class teaching local sewists Concord and Lark tees! Essentially, it’s … More Concord Dress #3

Birthday Dress!

Happy birthday to me! I’m turning 34 today, and so of course, I had to make a new dress! Behold, a sleeveless maxi Cashmerette Appleton! My previous two Appletons (1, 2) have been very work-appropriate… but I’m trying to build a sassier, sexier wardrobe for outside work hours. After all, I’m 34 and never going to … More Birthday Dress!

Concord Dress #2

Readers, we have moved into our new (rental) house! It’s everything we hoped – quiet, restful, beautiful and in good shape! And boy oh boy, it is so much easier to take blog pics when I’ve got a few locations to use at home! Up first, a Concord dress I sewed before moving! I had … More Concord Dress #2

Concord Dress

In the continuing Cashmerette-ization of my wardrobe, I bring you: a Concord Dress! I’ve been dreaming of a ruffle-hemmed shift dress for a few months, and very nearly stuck a ruffle on my trusty Ultimate Shift Dress pattern… but then the mood struck for a simple knit dress, and I used the Concord pattern instead! Wearing … More Concord Dress

Cashmerette Washington Dress (Well, sort of!)

My love for Cashmerette’s first pattern, the Appleton Wrap Dress, is well documented… and now she’s released her second pattern! When I pattern tested this one, I made a straight-up (unwearable) muslin from orange ITY and purple quilting cotton. Needless to say, that one is never going to be blogged! A month later though, I pulled … More Cashmerette Washington Dress (Well, sort of!)