Which Wide-Legged Pants Pattern Should I Try?

I’m determined to try some new pants styles this year! It’s be ages since I wore anything other than slim jeans, but dammit, life is for living. Will wide-legged pants make me look rounded, shorter, or wider? Um, yeah, probably… but whatever, I already am those things anyway! So, with this experiment in mind, I’ve … More Which Wide-Legged Pants Pattern Should I Try?

Pink Pants!

Pair number 9, babies!   ERMAGERD, PAIR #10!!!!!  (Double digit pants… oh man, i really do love a TNT! Here are my verisons, just to prove it: V1-8, and V9! Yup, once more, Style Arc Elle Pants. I won’t even pretend to have anything new to say about them… but they are bright and make … More Pink Pants!

Bacon Cowl, Jalie Raglan, and Green December Style Arc Pants!

Introducing my latest me-made outfit!  Well, no strictly me-made… but handmade! Over the summer my sister Anne and I made a deal that she’d buy a bunch of fabric, I’d sew it into clothes for her, and she’d knit me a cowl in return! (I really did get the good end of that deal, but … More Bacon Cowl, Jalie Raglan, and Green December Style Arc Pants!

Pants. Flower pants!

Pants! More pants!  Stretchy, stretchy flower pants! The fabric is a really thin polyester faux-denim, which is definitely not hefty enough to be real denim. Super comfy though – especially because I slashed and spread the whole pants pattern 1” wider in front and back than my previous pants! (Not that you’d know it to … More Pants. Flower pants!


Pants! I made pants! It took me months of muslins, and the fit is still far from perfect… but they are totally wearable, and therefore good enough for now!  The pattern I’m using is the Style Arc Elle pant. It’s a pull-on, elastic waist pant made for stretch wovens, which is pretty close to my favourite … More Pants!