Shirts Of A Feather Flock Together

There’s a strange satisfaction in being consistent with my fabric choices…  so I was pleased to realised that both these recent makes feature feather-ish shapes with black, white and jewel-tone colours! There’s really no other similarity in the projects, but I’m blogging them both together anyway. First, a 2nd-hand dress refashioned into a tank. The dress … More Shirts Of A Feather Flock Together

Sewcial Bee!

Oh, the things that happen on Twitter! One minute you are applying to a  certain online sewing match, the next you are planning your own all-fun, all-inclusive sewing challenge! No winner, no loser, no judges… just a challenge, a time frame, and some inspiring sewists from around the world!  Allow me to present: the SEWCIAL BEE! … More Sewcial Bee!