Checking-In on your Wardrobe Colour Palette with Me-Made May

If you took part in Me-Made May, then you’ve probably taken a whole bunch of selfies this month…Today I’ve got two ways to reassess your wardrobe colour palette using Me-Made May photos! Do you really wear the colours you love?  First, I tried using an online palette generator to auto-create a palette from my pictures. To … More Checking-In on your Wardrobe Colour Palette with Me-Made May


MMM is over! It’s always a relief to be done wit the daily photos, but sad to lose the sense of community.  So how did I do? As you probably are sick of hearing, my pledge was to wear me-mades every day, specifically wearing shades from this self-assigned palette of my favourite colours.  MMM26 3/9 … More MMM26-31


Oh man – so close to the end! I have heaps of clothes left to wear though… I”m hoping the weather stays nice for the next week so I can wear my summer favourites!  Let’s do this.  MMM20:  2/9 colours, MM red capris and tee. I’m happy to report that these pants have loosened up … More MMM20-25


Oh, Me-Made May, you sure do take over! Every time I sit down to blog some newly finished items, I realise that I’ve fallen behind blogging about MMM! Time for another weekly review first, I guess…  This year I pledged to wear MM clothes every day this month, and to create outfits using my self-assigned … More MMM14-19


MMM11  A measly 1 colour from my palette! I really think this purple needs to be added though, because I own an awful lot of RTW tops in this shade!  MM STyle Arc Jeans, cropped out, and appliqued Echino birds on the hoodie. MMM12 3/9 wardrobe palette colours. MM flannel scout tee and McCalls cardigan, … More MMM11-14


Wow. MMM is just rushing by this year! Thanks so much for all of your supportive comments when I was whining about job stuff in my last post – It was another rough week this week, but c’est la vie, right? I have faith that this coming week is going to be better! 🙂   … More MMM5-10