Wiggle Wiggle

I didn’t set out to make a wiggle dress, but I think I kinda did! I’ve been thinking lately about my mix-and-match collection of bodice and skirt patterns, and I wanted to try a new-to-me skirt silhouette. I’ve always been attracted to blousey-on-top, tight-on-the-bottom dresses… somehow they look sexy but easy to wear at the … More Wiggle Wiggle

Taking Better Indoor Photos with Katie from What Katie Sews!

The Better Pictures Project is back! In September, Heather B taught us about taking photos out and about… in October, Jenny from Cashmerette got us jumping and twirling… and in November, Heather from Closet Case Files improved our photo editing skills! After a little break for December,  I’m asking Katie from What Katie Sews to help us taking … More Taking Better Indoor Photos with Katie from What Katie Sews!

Winter Comino Dress

I think the theme of this dress is “Why bother planning?” I’ve had this rayon knit in my stash for a year, and for that whole time I knew I wanted to make it into a ruffled Comino Cap dress. I did that thing, though, where you like a fabric and therefore hoard it instead … More Winter Comino Dress

Quick Projects

It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, and I felt like some simple sewing. On a whim, I bought the Jalie dolman top pattern, which I’ve been eyeing for a year… and once that was done, I finally finished up a UFO from the summer! Both are kimono/dolman type sleeves, monochromatic, and abstract geometric prints, so they … More Quick Projects

Jalie Bella Dress!

I finally made something I can blog! After sewing a bunch of kids clothes, bras, pattern testing and getting ready for the #betterpicturesproject, it was starting to feel like I hadn’t done a good finished garment post in a  while. So buckle up and get ready for lots of pictures – I made a dress! … More Jalie Bella Dress!

Shirts Of A Feather Flock Together

There’s a strange satisfaction in being consistent with my fabric choices…  so I was pleased to realised that both these recent makes feature feather-ish shapes with black, white and jewel-tone colours! There’s really no other similarity in the projects, but I’m blogging them both together anyway. First, a 2nd-hand dress refashioned into a tank. The dress … More Shirts Of A Feather Flock Together

Stripes and Lace

We recently had “March Break” aka. the only mid-year vacation besides Christmas. (Brits, I’m in permanent envy of your school year schedule. So sensible.) Of course, I spent most of the week sewing! (I can’t really remember what I did on vacation before sewing!) The first thing I made was another circle scarf: The floral is a … More Stripes and Lace