Searching for the Perfect Summer Tank: Jalie 3245 and Santa Fe

Earlier this month, I mentioned that I’m looking for a TNT summer tank pattern. Itch To Stitch Lago wasn’t right for me, so I thought I’d mention a few patterns I already love! First up, the Hey June Santa Fe! This was my favourite pattern last summer, and I love all those versions still. It’s … More Searching for the Perfect Summer Tank: Jalie 3245 and Santa Fe

Quick Projects

It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, and I felt like some simple sewing. On a whim, I bought the Jalie dolman top pattern, which I’ve been eyeing for a year… and once that was done, I finally finished up a UFO from the summer! Both are kimono/dolman type sleeves, monochromatic, and abstract geometric prints, so they … More Quick Projects

Jalie Bella Dress!

I finally made something I can blog! After sewing a bunch of kids clothes, bras, pattern testing and getting ready for the #betterpicturesproject, it was starting to feel like I hadn’t done a good finished garment post in a  while. So buckle up and get ready for lots of pictures – I made a dress! … More Jalie Bella Dress!

Stripes and Lace

We recently had “March Break” aka. the only mid-year vacation besides Christmas. (Brits, I’m in permanent envy of your school year schedule. So sensible.) Of course, I spent most of the week sewing! (I can’t really remember what I did on vacation before sewing!) The first thing I made was another circle scarf: The floral is a … More Stripes and Lace

Two New Things

(The more I stare at this photo, the stranger the pose seems to me! I blame holding the camera remote…) Two new things in my life: A new top, and a new-to-me car! One fleeting, and one hopefully more long-lasting. I have a car! All to myself! WOOHOO!!!! *Dance party!* I didn’t get my full license until … More Two New Things

Me-Made May Week 2: Bring on the Jalie Raglan tops!

**First of all, WOW! So many great and helpful comments on my last two posts about budgeting for sewing. Thank you! It’s taking me some time to think through everyone’s advice, and then I’ll get replying and blogging about it again!** Last week I wore 8 days of Espresso leggings… and this week I wore … More Me-Made May Week 2: Bring on the Jalie Raglan tops!