Wardrobe Padding

I cleaned out my summer scraps from the sewing room the other day – aka. the huge pile of scraps from everything I’ve sewn over the last 3 months! In the process, I finished up some WIPs and sewed some scrap busters. Sewing scraps is almost like tidying, right? First up, a Maria Denmark Day-to-Night … More Wardrobe Padding

Hey June Santa Fe

I am so annoyed. What, can’t you tell? When I took these pics, all was well – nice pattern, nice tops! I downloaded them into Lightroom, then deleted the photos from the camera card to clear room for my next photoshoot… and somehow, deleted the versions Lightroom was using as well! Did they not properly … More Hey June Santa Fe

Birthday Dress!

Happy birthday to me! I’m turning 34 today, and so of course, I had to make a new dress! Behold, a sleeveless maxi Cashmerette Appleton! My previous two Appletons (1, 2) have been very work-appropriate… but I’m trying to build a sassier, sexier wardrobe for outside work hours. After all, I’m 34 and never going to … More Birthday Dress!

Wiggle Wiggle

I didn’t set out to make a wiggle dress, but I think I kinda did! I’ve been thinking lately about my mix-and-match collection of bodice and skirt patterns, and I wanted to try a new-to-me skirt silhouette. I’ve always been attracted to blousey-on-top, tight-on-the-bottom dresses… somehow they look sexy but easy to wear at the … More Wiggle Wiggle

Japonisme Appleton

Japonisme – the influence of Japanese art, fashion and aesthetics on Western culture.  Or at least that’s what the internet tells me! I fell in love with this Japanese-inspired print at the fabric store, but I couldn’t think what to call it. Not Chinoiserie, because it’s not inspired by China… thankfully a little Googling led to Japonisme, or … More Japonisme Appleton

Mmmmore Mmmyrtles!

(Hehehe – I’m a four-headed Myrtle beast! And yes, making this collage did make me giggle…)  My first Myrtle took more-then-average effort to fit, so once I had the pattern working I knew I needed to make more to make the effort seem worthwhile ! One for me, and one for my sister. Can you guess … More Mmmmore Mmmyrtles!