A TNT Trifecta!

So, can you guess which 3 tried’n’true patterns I combined to make this tunic? I could have used Ebony or the Groove dress… or even a Plantain… frankly, you could get to a  finished project half a dozen ways or more! Here’s what I chose to use: Sewaholic Renfrew cowl (the best cowl ever, but … More A TNT Trifecta!

Four Cardigan Hacks

This post originally appeared on the Curvy Sewing Collective for Pattern Hacking Month in August 2017, but I know not all of my readers are curvy and follow that site, so I wanted to repost it here!  Is there anything more versatile than a cardigan? Winter, summer, at the office or on a breezy evening, … More Four Cardigan Hacks

Summer Sweaters

Summer sweaters might sound like an oxymoron, but no matter the season, I rarely leave the house without a cardigan! During Me-Made May I relied heavily on a newly-thrifted royal blue waterfall cardi and a 5-year-old pale grey cardi that is starting to sprout holes, both of which you can see here. Since then, I’ve … More Summer Sweaters

Jungle January 2017!

It’s the fifth year of Jungle January, and let’s be honest: my 5th year of sewing leopard! I never wore animal prints before the first Jungle January, but I’m well and truly hooked. (Yes, I know I’m a few days late on this one! Oops!) Over the years, I’ve made: a leopard Renfrew cowl a … More Jungle January 2017!

Concord Cardigan

In my recent round-up of all my Cashmerette makes, I mentioned that I had this cardigan cut and and in progress… well, it very nearly got chucked out, but in the end, I think it works! A couple weeks ago the temperatures dropped, and I immediately went and bought at least 10m of sweater knit … More Concord Cardigan

Thoughts on Teaching Sewing, and Upcoming Classes

I taught my first two sewing classes this summer, and I loved it! Both were intro-to-sewing-knits classes, using the Grainline Lark and Cashmerette Concord patterns.   My first class! It was great to have some familiar faces – I’m grateful to them for their support! Here are a few things I’ve learned: Everything goes a … More Thoughts on Teaching Sewing, and Upcoming Classes

Concord Dress #2

Readers, we have moved into our new (rental) house! It’s everything we hoped – quiet, restful, beautiful and in good shape! And boy oh boy, it is so much easier to take blog pics when I’ve got a few locations to use at home! Up first, a Concord dress I sewed before moving! I had … More Concord Dress #2