Déjà Vu

Don’t I already own this dress? Well… yes, the same pattern mash-up in a very similar print. And then there is this other very similar dress…Which I guess is why the fabric jumped out at me, and why it wanted to become this dress! The top half is Maria Denmark’s Olivia Oversized Tee, and the … More Déjà Vu

Comino Blouse

I’ve been really into boxy and flowing tops this year… but as we head back into the school year, I felt like maybe I should make a few more polished items. I’ve been obsessing about sewing neckline keyholes lately, so I combined the two goals into one top! The pattern is one of my all-time … More Comino Blouse

Winter Comino Dress

I think the theme of this dress is “Why bother planning?” I’ve had this rayon knit in my stash for a year, and for that whole time I knew I wanted to make it into a ruffled Comino Cap dress. I did that thing, though, where you like a fabric and therefore hoard it instead … More Winter Comino Dress