Ebony Tunic

Why yes, it IS my third Ebony in as many weeks… did you really expect any different? I’m loving the combo of comfort, style and drama, so this won’t be the last. My first two Ebonys were the dress version, shortened. This time I tried the tunic length with raglan sleeves. The body is shortened … More Ebony Tunic

Wardrobe Padding

I cleaned out my summer scraps from the sewing room the other day – aka. the huge pile of scraps from everything I’ve sewn over the last 3 months! In the process, I finished up some WIPs and sewed some scrap busters. Sewing scraps is almost like tidying, right? First up, a Maria Denmark Day-to-Night … More Wardrobe Padding

Better Pictures Project: Modern Editing with Closet Case Files this November!

October has just flown by, and now it is time for a new Better Pictures Project Muse: Heather from Closet Case FIles! But first, a BIG thank you to Jenny for being our October muse, and to all of you who shared pictures this month of you spinning and jumping! I had the pleasure of meeting Heather … More Better Pictures Project: Modern Editing with Closet Case Files this November!

Quick Projects

It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, and I felt like some simple sewing. On a whim, I bought the Jalie dolman top pattern, which I’ve been eyeing for a year… and once that was done, I finally finished up a UFO from the summer! Both are kimono/dolman type sleeves, monochromatic, and abstract geometric prints, so they … More Quick Projects

Inside-Out Jeans!

One of my Top 5 Goals this year was to get back into sewing pants. I had gained some weight over the summer and outgrown my bajillion pairs of Style Arc Elles… and in a panic before September I’d bought a bunch of RTW pants. Even with darts to add shape, they were just awful … More Inside-Out Jeans!