Sewing Bralettes!

I’ve been sewing bras for a few years now, but somehow I skipped that simpler version: the bralette! I never thought that could give me enough support, but I’ve been increasingly tempted by the idea of something with no wires that dig in by the end of the day. As I headed to the cottage … More Sewing Bralettes!

Marlborough Bra Review

I posted this pattern review on the Curvy Sewing Collective today. I’m reposting it here with a few additional thoughts at the end!  Bra-making: It’s so rewarding when it works, and so frustrating when it doesn’t! I started bra-making last summer by taking a weekend class with the Fairy Bra Mother, and since then I’ve made … More Marlborough Bra Review

Black Bra-Tulle Bra

Now that I’ve got a well-fitting pattern, I wanted to experiment with some different fabrics – in this case, black bra tulle from The Emerald Studio. As you can tell, it’s quite sheer. I cut two layers with perpendicular stretch, so the end result is quite stable and firm. As you can see, I used … More Black Bra-Tulle Bra


Oh my gosh, guys: I’m in love with bramaking! I’ve always thought it would be difficult and too precise for me, but nope, turns out I’m pretty good at it and it’s really fun! (“Good” is relative, of course, but I did somehow finish 4 hours before anyone else in my class. Most of theme … More Bramaking!