Seamwork Gene

I got royally fed up with all the wovens I’d been sewing this spring and summer, so I’ve switched back to my beloved knits! I’m trying to make use of my new Seamwork subscription, so I picked the Seamwork Gene which I remember lots of friends loving when it was released. Gene is a jersey … More Seamwork Gene

Caftan Life

I’m living the caftan life! Staying home, draping myself in pretty fabric with no waistband… seems good to me. And if you’ve been following sewing patterns for a while, you probably recognise this as the Style Arc Toni Designer Dress! I’ve been meaning to make this dress for YEARS, inspired by many versions including Lara, … More Caftan Life

Reviewing the Simple Way Leather Purse and Wallet Kits

Here’s a post long overdue – two leatherworking kits I ordered in March 2019 and didn’t finish sewing until March 2020! I ordered from company in the UK called “Simple Way” as a treat to myself during my concussion recovery, and my first impression wasn’t good. The wallet went together easily, but the holes on … More Reviewing the Simple Way Leather Purse and Wallet Kits