Better Pictures Project

The Better Pictures Project

Want to take better pictures for your blog? I’m asking 6 bloggers with great pictures to share their best tips and tricks. Meanwhile, I’m investigating the technical (but not TOO technical) side of things, and gathering helpful resources from the internet. Whether you use a DSLR, point-and-shoot camera or just your phone, I hope there will be some useful information for you here!

Thanks so much to my monthly muses for participating: Handmade by Heather B, Cashmerette, Closet Case Files, Lucky Lucille, What Katie Sews, and Seamstress Erin!

38 thoughts on “Better Pictures Project

    1. Yes, I could see how reliably good pics are particularly important from a business perspective! 🙂 For myself, I really notice that good pictures make me love my makes more – then whenever I put the clothes on for months to come, I’ve got that stylish/happy/flattering image in my head and it puts a spring in my step. Feeling good makes everything look better, too – or I like to think it does!


  1. I know everybody uses different editors/programs/phones and things, but what about a brief follow up post on very basic/minor edits – a little cropping (taking care of composition after the fact) and brightening can make a world of difference ;o)


    1. Yes! This is definitely coming up. Heather from Closet Case Files is going to be talking about editing tips, and my dad will be writing about phone apps for editing… and I’m sure I’ll come up wth some editing homework for that month too! 🙂

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  2. Just posted my ‘moving about’ challenge on my blog. It’s getting pretty chilly here so I’m looking forward to the month we improve our photos inside the flat. Thoroughly enjoyed the jumping and kicking leaves though…even if one of my neighbours caught me in mid kick!


  3. I’ve been wondering – you use flickr for your photo organizing on the blog. Did you go back and replace photos with flickr links or have you always used flickr? If you replaced, did that change your blog traffic? Right now a lot of my costume pictures that are saved to my wordpress media library show up in google image searches. I’d like to take advantage of Flickr’s interface, but I’m worried about that resulting in broken links for 3-year old posts.


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