Tribute Month: Marcy from Oonaballona

Time for another Tribute Month project! Marcy aka. Oonaballoona needs no introduction – she is probably one of the most recognisable bloggers around, with one of the most distinctive styles. Marcy was the inspiration for the Sewcialists Oonapalooza month, back in 2014. We had so much fun getting inspired by Marcy that we decided the … More Tribute Month: Marcy from Oonaballona

Which Wide-Legged Pants Pattern Should I Try?

I’m determined to try some new pants styles this year! It’s be ages since I wore anything other than slim jeans, but dammit, life is for living. Will wide-legged pants make me look rounded, shorter, or wider? Um, yeah, probably… but whatever, I already am those things anyway! So, with this experiment in mind, I’ve … More Which Wide-Legged Pants Pattern Should I Try?

Cone Mills Ginger Jeans

Several pairs of my me-made jeans are ready for retirement, so I finally found the courage to sew up some of my Cone Mills Denim! I ordered it from Threadbare fabrics, where it is $15-16USD/yard, which is a very reasonable price… until you have to buy it in Canadian dollars and have it shipped here! … More Cone Mills Ginger Jeans