Helen’s Closet Reynolds Top

It snowed this week, so of course, I made a linen tank top! (My mood in these pictures is “Brrr!”)

This is the Helen’s Closet Reynolds Top. The pattern released last summer, I think? I always like this style but didn’t end up sewing it before fall set in. I picked up this lightweight linen last summer too.

I chose to sew a size 22 in the B cup range. That was NOT the right size to pick!

The bust was too big, which reminded me that the Ashton also gave me the same fit problems. I need a petite adjustment above the bust with Helen’s Closet sleeveless patterns, and I should grade down in the bust. I was hoping that I could shorten the straps to avoid all that, but ended up needing to take the side seams at the bust in 1″ as well.

That’s still a lot of bra showing! I lengthened the top about 1.5″ and brought in the front straps .5″. Like I said, 22B was not the right size!

However, I wore the top today under a cardigan, and felt happy and cute! The beauty of sewing is that no one but your sewing friends will ever know all the adjustments you made or wish you’d made. All people see if a garment better than you could find in stores!

Are you sewing for the new season yet? I hope new weather brings you renewed sewjo!

8 thoughts on “Helen’s Closet Reynolds Top

  1. Well, I guess you have found your colors! No further research needed. I want to copy this piece exactly. It looks perfect on you. Good choice!


  2. Wow absolutely love it. I love the placement of the flowers too, was it accidental as in the only places they could go? or did you play round with it?

    Also love the top pattern, in my opinion definitely worth playing round with till you get it right. And then you can extend it to the longer length, which would also look awesome on you, I suspect. Especially with fantastic fabric like this to showcase! what a lucky find this fabric was.


    Even if you need under a cardi with the current weather lol!


  3. I love this fabric on you! I am in the middle of fitting the Reynold’s top and I am not satisfied yet. I picked the wrong size too, I thought it was according to my measurements. Sewing summer hopefully encourages warmer weather to come


  4. I love your fabric! I’ve been sewing Ashton tops ready for the summer and I have a couple of boxy tops cut out, ready for sewing – once I’ve finished my other “sowing” for the garden 🙂


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