Homeclothes for the Holidays

It is March Break here in Ontario, which is typically the time of year when I complain that it is still snowy. Well, yes, it is, but here’s a fun two-piece setacular that I made myself to wear around the house during my week off!

My dear friend C (Hello! You know who you are!) gave me a gift certificate for Spool and Spindle recently, and I used it to get 2m of this Canyon Rose French Terry. I’m such a sucker for stripes and french terry, and I thought it would go well with my pink hair! Thank you, C!

The original plan was to make a sweatshirt, but I thought I’d change it up by making a Tyra Tee instead, so that I can wear it when spring actually arrives. Well, after cutting out the front of the tee, it occurred to me that I could probably squeeze some leggings out too if I got creative. I love a challenge!

When I cut out projects, I always go in order of importance. That way, I can fudge things towards the end as needed. For example, I always cut the front out first. I realised I might have enough fabric for a second garment, so I cut out the back on the crossgrain. Cutting out the sleeve next mean that I didn’t have quite enough length for the one leg of the legging, so I patched that on the cross grain to make it look “intentional”. I think the end result is more fun.

And then, dear readers, I wore it for two days straight! It reminds me of the “homeclothes” that are popular in Japan, especially in this soft pink colour. I will wear the shirt on its own, but the leggings make it extra fun as a set.

Do schools get a spring break in your country? I think America typically has it a week earlier than we do, and Britain has the very sensible system of a half term break in both fall and winter. Regardless, I hope you are cosy and sewing, wherever you are!

10 thoughts on “Homeclothes for the Holidays

  1. Cosy and pretty at the same time … what more could you ask? And your “calculating” to get both garments out provides evidence for the comment about the math background of many “sewing and fitting nerds” in your purple/violet post. (I am one pf these, too!)


  2. I’m sure that I shouldn’t admit this on the internet, but I wear every outfit for 2 days straight (at least). Also, this is chic loungewear. So it’s like pjs plus real clothes. Ask me how I know.


  3. You’re about my size and you got this great set from a mere 2y?!? I clearly need to up my cutting game. Thanks for the inspiration, and glad you enjoyed your vacation in both style and comfort


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