Helen’s Closet: A Roundup (Part 2)

Turns out I have sewn a LOT of Helen’s Closet patterns! The first roundup went through the things I made in 2017 and 2018, many of which were pattern tests for the company. More recently they have moved to paid quality assurance instead of pattern testing (yay for paying for labour!) but they continue to send me copies of many of their new releases. At this point I can’t remember which patterns I paid for and which were sent for free, but I think you’ll be able to tell from the number of versions I make that I love these patterns no matter the price.

Linen Striped Ashton Dress

Ashton Tank

Hello, my love. I didn’t *quite* adore this tester version, but with a few tweaks (cutting in the shoulders slightly and a petite adjustment) this has been one of my most-made patterns over the last few years. I wear them all year round, alone or under cardigans. I’ve got short ones and long ones and dresses, oh my!

Cute but never worn because of a poor fabric choice.

Love this one – it started me buying a whole bunch of Dashwood rayon prints, like this one:

So pretty, so easy to work into many outfits.

Winner winner, kitty dinner!

Yes yes yes to this dress.

Oh yeah, this one too! This is my preferred length for wearing in winter with cardigans.

I told you we were getting into some of my favourite TNT patterns!

March Dress and Top

Now we are beyond pattern testing, so this one was sent for free. I’ve only made one March top, but I wear it a lot through fall, winter and spring! I’ve been thinking of making another one soon. The ruffled peplum isn’t my style, so I lengthened the straight cropped version into a more traditional blouse length.

Jackson Pullover

As I explained in my Top 5 Hits of 2021 post, this is my most-sewn and favourite pattern of the last year. It’s exactly what I want to wear every day, and using joyful fabrics puts a spring in my step. Frst up were these two versions in Euro cotton french terry.

There is this beauty, the inspiration for my whole “Pastel Forest” colour palette, which included…

this beautiful Jackson t-shirt

…and these stripes! Both in heavy rotation through the fall and winter.

My most recent Jacksons, blogged here. That means I’ve made 8 versions in less than a year!

What about their other patterns? I’ve only sewn about half of the range. I’ve got my eye firmly on the Reynolds Top and Dress this summer, and if I was ever going to make a swimsuit I’d go for the Sandpiper. I did muslin a quick version of the free Luna Tank this past summer, and it was fine but too wide at the shoulders for my taste. I found the straight sleeve extension for the Ashton tank has a very tall shoulder cap (like a blazer more than a tee) and narrow sleeves which aren’t a great match for me, so I probably won’t try the Gilbert Shirt for that reason. The new Cameron button-up would fit me and my partner, and my genderqueer heart went pitter-patter for the range of models they used.

I think it’s safe to say that Helen’s Closet is one of my current favourite patterns lines, especially for tops and dresses. (For pants, I’m a Muna and Broad person.) Even if I don’t sew every single new Helen’s Closet release, I do consider them all. Ashton and Jacksons are stables in my wardrobe, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they release this year!

Did you enjoy this roundup? I always think it’s neat to see which patterns and garments stand the test of time. For me, it reminds me to keep experimenting and just pass garments along to other if they don’t work out for me. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Helen’s Closet: A Roundup (Part 2)

  1. You’ve really got a gift for making garments that flatter your figure. I’d especially like to know how you alter patterns in the bust and armhole areas to achieve a sleek fit with no pulling. Full bust adjustment? Etc. thanks for blogging


  2. Because I run hot & wear tank tops in all but the very coldest weather, I’m in love with the Ashton top. But I do love to see the roundups with different versions, to see if it’s something I’d like to try


  3. I literally wore that Ashton dress from you yesterday, and reached the conclusion that it would be better either without sleeves/with a cap sleeve only, or cropped to shirt length, at least in my wardrobe. It’s a LOT of that fabric, and it’s an odd weight that isn’t sure whether it’s fall/winter or spring/summer. I tucked the sleeves in towards the bodice to approximate a cap sleeve and immediately felt more like myself.


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