Sweatshirts Galore

The Helen’s Closet Jackson pullover was my favourite pattern of 2021, and I’ve got three unblogged versions to show you!

Let’s start with the two classic sweatshirts in absolutely beautiful Nerida Hansen french terry. I got these prints on sale in December, and even with shipping to Canada and some customs fees, they were on par with the cost of a plain bamboo french terry locally. A word of caution though – my friend was disappointed that the colours in her french terry order were significantly less saturated than the colours on their linen fabrics. I tend to like bright but slightly de-saturated colours, so I’ll definitely be ordering more!

The floral matched my periwinkle hair over the Christmas holidays, and the tiger print is just so fun! You can see I used self-fabric for the bands. I find it easier than trying to match ribbing.

(I had to include a winter prop photo!)

I love the way this pattern fits. It is one of those great garments you can put on in the morning and wear all day without ever having to fuss or pull it in place. Perfect for teaching.

This dress hack just had to happen! I sewed so many sweatshirt dresses around 2013-2016, and now many of those patterns don’t fit or just don’t feel like my style. This is certainly a very simple adaptation and a quick sew. I’m not in love, but it was a perfect use for this large-scale Liverpool knit fabric.

I thought about doing a simple folded hem on the sleeves and skirt, but decided to spice it up with some black and silver ribbing. I like the contrast!

*By the way* I’ve blogged 4 weeks in a row!!!!!! I’m trying to alternate finished project posts with discussion posts, which takes of some of the pressure. I’ve got two posts coming soon rounding up all my makes from Helen’s Closet, plus a dress that turned out more frumpy than I planned. I’m hoping you can suggest how I can alter it!

25 thoughts on “Sweatshirts Galore

  1. I’m enjoying the mix of project and discussion posts. I can imagine how grueling cranking out a garment every week must be, let alone expensive and wasteful!
    Along those lines, if you’re looking for discussion ideas, I would enjoy seeing discussion of garments you’ve blogged previously and what kind of lifespan/wearability the garment ended up having. I think that would be fun, and help guide our own sewing.


    1. That is a great suggestion, Mary! Most of my projects last until they don’t fit, which is about 3 years on average since I tend to gain an inch a year. I rarely wear things out – I just pass them on to a new home! I feel like “golden oldies” would be a great Me Made May theme for the year!


  2. I just took a look at the Nerida Hansen website. Boy, was I tempted! Sadly my fabric dollars have been allocated elsewhere. Congrats on your restraint! I would have been hard pressed to choose. The prints are gorgeous, and your sweatshirts really let those prints shine. I also like using self fabric for ribbing, but the black and silver on your dress is a really nice accent.

    I like reading whatever you write. I have never written a blog, but being pressured to write about what I love (sewing) would definitely take the joy out of the process for me! And in these times we all need more joy! (:


    1. Amen to more joy! I’ve blogged the entire time I’ve sewn garments, including many years where I blogged here twice a week and organised 3 Sewcialists post a week! It is an important part of the hobby for me – but I so agree that you have to do what brings your joy and not worry about pressure!


  3. Very cute, & I really like that dress! I’ve been thinking about winter dresses for myself, too. What a great inspiration!
    I always love getting a post from you. I think Pixiesews said it best: we all need more joy.
    Make you happy, & we’ll follow along when you let us


    1. *hugs* Thank you! Sewing and blogging both bring me so much joy – an honestly I’m thrilled to find that anyone still reads and comments on blogs still! Makes me so glad!


  4. First – YEAH for blogging four weeks in a row! I’m here for it all! Second – that sweatshirt dress is calling my name. You’ve definitely made me look at that pattern differently. Love all your versions but the sweatshirt dress is EVERYTHING!


  5. All your sweatshirts are pretty and emphasize your cheerful, engaging spirit. Thank you for the link to those great fabrics!


  6. I love love love that you are blogging regularly again. I divorced myself from social media early in the pandemic and have found that reading blogs again is much more satisfying to me anyway. The colors on your fabrics are so lush! I am loving the saturation and how they take your basic Jackson and really elevate it. The basic design really lends itself to centering the prints as the star of the show. Really nice pairing and nice job sewing.


    1. I find blogs ultimately more satisfying too. It’s so nice to be able to easily search for my past sewing projects and read in depth what I was thinking at the time.


  7. I love the contrast ribbing on the dress. I’ve never had a waist, so I hate shirts that blouse in a t a waist but I’ve always loved the sweatshirt dress. Thanks for blogging.


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