Top 5 Reflections from 2021, and Goals for 2022

Ahhh, what to say about the past year?

  1. The last two years of COVID have been hard for everyone, and so “good” is all relative. I loved teaching from home last school year, and it broke my heart to go back to in-person this fall. As I write this, I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that we don’t go back to in person classes on Monday. That said, I love my job teaching multilingual learners, and the kids are always a delight.
  2. I’m on week 12 of 20 weeks of vision therapy, and it’s the best $3000 I’ve ever spent. It was recommended after my concussion 3 years ago, but insurance wouldn’t pay and I was hoping my eyes would improve. (They didn’t.) I have an hour long session every week, and then different activities to practice at home. Since starting, I’ve had far fewer headaches, become less light-sensitive, and I can actually have conversations face to face without internal panic wondering if my eyes are wandering. I can read a book on my computer without 36 hours of headache to follow, and I can even drive more easily. For me, the therapy focuses on learning to use my peripheral vision, and undoing the bad habits of over-focusing that I developed post concussion. I’m on track to be able to get rid of my progressive lenses by the end!
  3. I like TikTok. Seriously, I wrote a post about TikTok for the Sewcialists and that is the only reason I joined… but sometimes all I want is a steady stream of happy queer folks, good teachers, and endless cute cats, and TikTok provides that so well.
  4. Speaking of the Sewcialists… we wrapped up in June and I have no regrets. We were all pretty burned out, and I’m enjoying not having that constant pressure to be on top of things. I miss the camaraderie of the team, but that’s nothing a few Zoom hangouts and IG chats can’t fix!
  5. Finally, I’m more frustrated and furious with society the longer the pandemic lasts. How can 13% of people in my left-wing university city be food insecure in this day and age? How can 30% or more of students in my schools from grade 5 and up identify as LGBTQ+ and yet I still have to couch everything around my Gender and Sexuality Alliance club in terms of “talk to your adults if it feels safe”? Why is my government constantly funding business through COVID instead of making sure that people can meet their basic needs and have enough leftover to keep the economy going? What on earth is the point of gender and race constructs except to divide us and maintain privilege? What a lot of rubbish.

Phew! Those Top 5 Reflections were really all over the place, and very little to do with sewing.

Let’s see how my Top 5 Goals go!

  1. Take it as it comes. Part of me longs to get back to the good ol’ days where I sewed and blogged regularly, but that’s not where I am at the moment. It’s not where the sewing community is either, and that’s ok.
  2. Play with gender presentation. I don’t really know what this means for me, but I think I’d like to try a snazzy button up summer shirt and some less femme poses. Hand on hip doesn’t work as well with things that don’t have waist emphasis! (I’m picturing male perfume ads: How does one do a sexy nose sniff-and-wipe? A cowboy 300 yard stare? A crouching pose that doesn’t look like a little kid ready to play leap frog? I’ll be studying up on TikTok for inspiration.)

Um, yeah, that’s it. I really can’t come up with any more goals that aren’t just make-work projects which won’t happen. Let’s stick with “take it easy” and “be me”!

Did you set any goals this year or reflect on your last year of sewing? I’m curious how many people have stopped crafting or changed craft focus in the last few years. I wonder if we’ll ever get back to “the way it was” or are we all on new journeys? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

18 thoughts on “Top 5 Reflections from 2021, and Goals for 2022

  1. it’s been such a messed up year. As a retiree, I just kept sewing as there were many years that I didn’t have the time to indulge in this passion. There have been huge frustrations and disappointments on the pandemic front. As the pandemic is still part of our lives, I see no sign of slowing down my sewing. I am working on more challenging projects, sewing my stash and only using fabrics that are better for the environment. I also see using fabric remnants in my future. There have been some really interesting discussions on social media about gender and aging which I will continue to explore. As well as dipping my toe back in the workforce in the spring.


    1. Back to working in the spring? I hope it is something fun and inspiring (craft store!!!??? sewing classes???) I”m glad that you finally have the time and inclination to deep dive into all the sewing you couldn’t always do. Can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!


  2. I have been and still am, a big fan of yours. Good luck w the vision therapy and your journey forward. I hope you will still post occasionally, it cheers me to read them and see your hair transformations and colors and patterns and follow your decision process. I don’t have much energy for social media except a bit of Insta. Thank you and much love to you.


    1. Thank you so much, Rosana! I appreciate knowing that there are people out there who are still interested in whatever (slow) journey I’m on. I hope this year goes well for you!!


  3. Fingers crossed for the vision therapy – it sounds amazing. I had no idea that was even a thing.

    My crafting hasn’t changed much…I’m still sewing away and blogging it as much as I can. I did give up on traditionally feminine hair during covid though and haven’t missed it.


    1. I always love following your sewing! You’ve got such a clear and fabulous aesthetic. I had no idea vision therapy existed either until it came up post concussion, and it wasn’t until I started that I realised how learning to rebuild how I see could improve a lot of things I’ve struggled with!

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  4. It is always good to hear from you, sewing related or not. I know for myself that without sewing to read about, think about, plan, or actually do I would not have survived mentally through health problems. Not to mention covid. I’m glad vision therapy is providing you some improvement!

    Also, the subject of gender in all its beautiful array is something I am not as informed about as I should be. Your willingness to share your journey will help me correct this ignorance. (:


    1. Thank you so much! ❤ I feel so grateful that I can ramble about gender and people are so accepting. Further proof that sewists are the best! I hope that 2022 includes lots of happy dreaming about crafting for us all!


  5. I’m thrilled the eye therapy is working! That’s definitely a win. I did make one sewing goal this year. To take back my craft. To sew the things I like regardless of what the sewing community is doing…to be me and just sew. That’s my goal for 2022. And yes, the pandemic has really allowed us to see exactly who we are as people, communities and nations and it’s truly sad.


    1. What a perfect goal! Thinking back to your last few projects, I can really see you “taking back your craft” already. When I think of your sewing, i think panel and border prints, maxi shirt dresses, interesting toppers, and TNT patterns made unique with fabric and details. Can’t wait to see what you make!


  6. Long time reader, first time commenter (I think?). But I wanted to jump on here regarding the posing issues. Funnily enough, TikTok pointed the way for me on this! Namely, that opposed to the brainwashing we have in place about making ourselves look smaller in photos, counter it by making huge, ridiculous shapes with your body to take up as much space as possible. Not only will it usher you away from the hand on hip reflexive position, but will make for much more engaging photos.


  7. I’ve never heard of vision therapy before either, but I’m so glad it’s working for you!
    Stitchwise I seem to be avoiding my sewing loft (and plans). It seems like every time I go there I sew more masks or mend clothing. Otherwise I’m child minding or cooking. It’s a pandemic nightmare! Actually, I don’t/wouldn’t mind any of these activities when I have a choice…
    Wishing you a happy healthy 2022!


    1. You are so right that it is the lack of choice that makes things so crushing! I hope you can carve out a bit of time to sew something fun soon!


  8. Very intrigued by the vision therapy, and I’m really glad it’s making a difference for you. Roll on 2022, and spending more time doing what you want to do, and less time doing what other people think you ought to be doing. Maybe it’s the pandemic, or maybe I’m just getting older – but I feel as though something’s definitely shifted for a lot of people in that respect.


  9. You’re the only other person I know of that has done vision therapy! My husband did it to regain his depth perception after a surgery. It worked amazingly well for him – I hope it does the same for you.

    Are there any school boards that are hiring for 100% remote teaching? I know that there’s a lot of demand for online classes at the high school level, at least here in London (Ontario). My son’s guidance councilor says that they’re not only doing ‘basic’ courses like English and math online, but more ‘specialized’ courses too.

    Check out MaleFashionAdvice on reddit to see non-models posing to show off clothes. OldHagFashion is great too, but mostly female-presenting at the moment.


    1. Thank you so much for the accounts to follow for posing advice! You know, if has never occurred to me that i could apply for remote positions outside my board – but fi things are bad next year, I’ll keep that in mind! ❤


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