Checking In and Few Updates!

Hello my lovely friends! it has been four months since I posted – I can’t even fathom all those years I posted twice a week. A lovely reader reacher out to check I was ok, which gave me the perfect push to hope on and say hi. Thank you, Mary!

Here are a few life updates:

1. I’ve changed my pronouns to they/them and sometimes she! Something about sitting at home for a year and raging at the messes made by capitalism and the patriarchy gave me a different perspective on life. I saw many of my fat middle-aged friends on Instagram sharing new understanding of their own gender and sexuality, and I had a late night “Um is that me?” moment! When I was a university student 20 years ago, I figured out that I’m not entirely straight, and now that I know more about the whole spectrum of gender, I realise I’m not entirely female either. It seems to me that as the trauma of coming out is lessened, it is easier for folks like to me share a more complex identity. I currently identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming and/or demifemme. I’m using they/them pronouns at work and going by Mx. Whitcombe instead of Ms. It’s pronounced Mix, like Mi-ster or Mi-ss. It’s been such a happy experience so far!

2. My hair is as rainbow as everything else. You know I love any excuse to be colourful (clothes, nails, makeup) and inevitably my hair joined the party! I’ve been bleaching it and using coloured conditioners to make it pink, purple, peach, and even a bit of blue and green.

3. The kittens are full-size cats! As our kittens have grown, our adult cat has become more adventures and one day they might, maybe, even be friends. They all get along peacefully though and are a source of constant delight!

Clay, the original cat is so pretty and so dumb. She is 8 now and has learned several new skills from the kittens!

Tom, forever to be known as Baby because he is turning out to be a petite kitty. Adorable and also a fearsome hunter, sometimes, when he bothers to end the hunt.

Crow, Tom’s brother, is bigger in every direction and very patiently tries to convince Clay to be friends! She is skittish around the boys but they’ve learned to lay down and look casual any time they get too close to her. (Don’t worry, the most she’ll do is bat them with a closed paw.)

4. Jamie and I are teaching in person this year! I loved the safety and creativity of teaching online this year, but enrollment online is down so I’m back in person at three schools. I’m very happy to be back at my main school school again though. Here’s hoping vaccinations for kids will come through in the next six months. Masking is mandetory for all kids, and teacher will be in face shields and masks. I’ve got some rapid test swaps at home to check twice a week, and I’m double vaccinated. I still think Delta will run rampant through schools, but at least we are doing everything to stay safe.

How about you? I’d love to hear a life update from you in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Checking In and Few Updates!

  1. Have missed you and am glad to hear you are well and moving forward. Best wishes. Here’s to mixing many more colors



  2. Yay! So many good things! I’m super happy for you 🙂

    And good luck with back to school! I am also going back to the office/on campus for my job next month. I don’t interface directly with students, but it’s still very strange after a year working from home. I think it will be a weird year for everyone who works in education, but I suppose that will make it very interesting!


  3. I don’t think I’ve commented on your blog before, because I am a very very beginner sewist, mostly in the looking for inspiration phase, but I just wanted to say CONGRATS for finding a gender expression that fits you. I’m so glad it’s brought you happiness 💛💜🖤


  4. Glad to see you back. You are such a breath of fresh air. I missed you. Also glad to see you and Jamie are well and have made it through. This covid-thing has gotten lots of us to think about life. I have lost more than a few friends from this devlish virus. Recently, we lost a 26-year old father. He had not gotten the vaccine. Words cannot express the depth of this loss. So I will say no more.

    About the gender identity, we have lived in a world of black and white for so long. The world has never been that way. I am old enough to remember when Ms. was controversial! This, too, shall pass. As a teacher, I am sure you are aware of different times in history and other societies who looked at, and accepted, sexuality differently than we do. Acceptance is the key. We would all be much happier.

    Down here in Arizona, masking is a big controversy. The schools want the masks, the teacher and students want the masks. Some parents want masks, some don’t. The governor signed a law banning mask mandates. It goes into effect at the end of Sept. People are protesting — on both sides. Schools and parents are suing the governor, the governor is suing the schools, parents are suing the school boards. Its just one big mess. This attitude of me-me-me is a bit tiring when we should all be working to save lives.

    Bless you. Keep on writing. I’ll keep on reading!


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