6 years later: Cashmerette Concord Revisited

It’s been 6 years since I sewed this Cashmerette Concord! That makes it one of the longest lasting pieces in my wardrobe, and worthy of celebration!

I was a tester for this pattern back in the first year of Cashmerette’s life, and according to my notes I sewed this in a size 14 C/D, graded to size 16 at the waist and hips. My review of the tester version says that it is quite slim-fitting… which is hilarious to me since I’m now 4-5″ bigger in every measurement and somehow it still fits on my body! Obviously, it is tighter now, and I only wear it under boxy jackets or as pyjamas because the rayon is pilled and worn.

I’ve made so many variations of the Concord over the years:

Since Concord is such a classic pattern, I decided it was well worth reprinting in my current size: 20/22 C/D. It’s interesting to see them side by side, isn’t it? The new one in paisley print is a double-brushed poly, so it has slightly less soft stretch than the rayon stripes. I can see that it’s longer because the fabric isn’t being stretched so much and the hem sits more levally. My boobs, butt and belly aren’t fighting for space as much either! I really should do a full-booty adjustment on all Cashmerette patterns, but I don’t really care if my t-shirt has some folds where it rides up in the small of my back.

Lots of more recent t-shirt patterns have dropped shoulders, and in the past year they are also increasingly boxy and cropped. Concord is by contrast very traditional, with sleeve seams that sit right on the edge of the shoulder and a seam that is shaped at the waist. For me it is a perfect layering t-shirt for under sweaters, cardigans, or (if I wore them) overalls/dungarees.

My next post is also going to feature a Cashmerette pattern side-by-side with the new Helen’s Closet sweatshirt! The patterns aren’t similar, but I made them with the same fabric. I’ve been holding on for Closet Core Patterns to release their new sweatshirt, but 2 weeks later, I give up! I”m also sewing up a Just Pattern boxy tee in the same rayon fabric as I used for this striped Concord all those years ago, so maybe that will be a comparison too. What can I say, the slower I sew, the more time I have to reflect and compare!

11 thoughts on “6 years later: Cashmerette Concord Revisited

  1. I love both versions! I need to up the size on my basic knit top, too, at least through the waist and hips. I confess I’m really not into the relaxed dropped shoulder thing that’s going around these days… but that’s why I sew! 😉


    1. It’s fun to see styles change but be able to make exactly what you want! I like a dropped shoulder when I want to feel casual and cool, but a think a proper seam on the shoulder suits me sloped shoulders best!

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  2. I love your versions. I’ve been revisiting my Cashmerette patterns too. Seems like we’re living such stay at home lives now we need new comfortable pieces and I like set in sleeves so much better than the relaxed shoulder thing too.


    1. Which patterns are you digging back into? I just made that dress with the waist tie… without the waist tie, because no one is seeing me head-to-toe so i might as well be comfortable while I sit all day! 😉


    2. I so agree about set in sleeves. I mean, I know that variety is the spice of life and all, but 9 times out of 10, I’m reaching for this style!


  3. So much to say – first up, it’s fascinating to see the shirt “then and now”. I actually think it looks great in both instances, though I see how the updated size gives more room overall (and fixes the hem rising up thing). Also – I’m impressed by that striped fabric! I don’t have any t shirts after 6 years. BTW – I’m totally on team set in sleeves. I feel it’s a classic style that looks great on most. This reminds me that I have to make this top again! (I believe you made it for me in that black fabric!) Also, it’s sweet to see you in both pics. You look great in either haircut. And yes, I’m fixated on haircuts. (Sent Scott that video on pixie cuts and I’m waiting for the “let’s go”.)


  4. Love, love, love that paisley print! I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since the Concord was released. The last year was a blur and slog at the same time, but what about those other 5 years? Great new blog header too. 🙂


  5. Following your blog now that Cashmerette helped me find you. Thanks, Jenny! And, love your knit tops, Gillian!

    Here is another vote for natural shoulder/set-in sleeves. As someone with sloping narrow shoulders and a bounteous bust (36J in the chesticle department), I really prefer to avoid the extra folds of fabric which are built into the dropped shoulder style line. In fact, I carry my preference even further, to wit: I always, always set in the sleeve rather than sew it in flat. It takes about two seconds longer and gives me a much nicer result. (YMMV, of course.) And, I’ve made a tool that allows me to consider many dropped shoulder patterns that would be off-limits, i.e., an oaktag template that follows my shoulder seam to my natural shoulder point and down my armscye to the side seam, both front and back. I use this template, combined with my sleeve block, to convert dropped shoulder patterns to a natural shoulder with set-in sleeves.

    Isn’t sewing great?!?


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