Style Arc Hope (Knit) Dress

The Style Arc Hope Woven Dress was a big hit this fall, but of course I sewed it in a knit instead!

I like the high neckline, and the way the dramatic raglan sleeve give a batwing-effect. Unfortunately the rayon print I chose is so busy that you can’t see a single style line in my version.

As you can tell from the fall leaves, I made this a few months ago, so I have to say I’m fuzzy on the details. I have worn it a bunch though, and come to the conclusion that it’s too big in almost every way! Too long and too wide. I sewed elastic into the waist seam, but also had to take a tuck in either side to pull the elastic tighter. I’d like to make it again with a shorter and snugger bodice, and maybe more of an A-line skirt? Still fun though, and I can see why it was popular.

As I write this, I’m realizing that this silhouette is very similar to the most recent dress I’ve made, using a TNT Burda pattern previously seen here. See? Guess I’m a sucker for an elastic waist dress with a T-shaped bodice!

Yes, I pixelated my messy background. You didn’t need to see that! 😉

My current sewing project is working on some comfy tops. The longer I work from home, the less I care what my whole silhouette or outfit looks like, and the more I want to be colourful and cute on the top half while wearing leggings out of sight on the bottom!



6 thoughts on “Style Arc Hope (Knit) Dress

  1. I like to dress colorful and happy all the time with makeup and earrings. Always ready for anything that might come along and makes me feel better too!


  2. The Hope dress is interesting, but it does look ginormous, much better with the elastic. I imagine it eats fabric, too. I think the proportions of the Burda are better. I bought that pattern after I saw the one you made (a few years ago, maybe?) Haven’t made it yet. I went from wearing lots of dresses to the leggings with cute top routine, too. A return to dresses in 2021??? I sure hope so!


  3. Thanks for the review. That pattern is in my stack of summer garments to make. It’s so interesting that you made it from a knit and I will remember to downsize. I have a bunch of Style Arc patterns that I’ve pledged to sew through this year so really appreciate seeing what others have made!


  4. It looks so much better with the elastic….now I know how to fix up mine that I was so disappointed with!
    But I think I’ll sew a casing where the skirt joins, thread a narrow self fabric tie through and pull it up to tie a bow at centre front.


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