Back to Blogging with an Anna Zoe Bessie Top!

Six months since I last blogged? It seems unbelievable after all those years of blogging twice a week like clockwork. But we all know what the past year has been like, so let’s just dive right in!

This is the Bessie top by my friend Anya of Anna Zoe Patterns. I met Anya a few years back at the Pattern Review Weekend, and she is just lovely. Smart, kind, funny and talented! I agreed to pattern test her first adult pattern, but then ran out of time and sewjo. She sent me the pattern for free anyway, and here it is, many months later!

The pattern has a raglan sleeve with dramatic swooping lines, and a shaped seam over the shoulder. The pattern also has an option for a button up version with a collar, which of course I avoided. The scoop looks good when I stand up straight, but it’s an open window to my bra when I bend over! Next time I’ll bring the neckline in an inch all around, and I think it will be perfect.

My favourite part of the pattern totally surprised me – it’s the bell effect of the sleeves! Dramatic sleeves are so trendy, but sometimes a big puff sleeve overwhelms my figure. I think this would look amazing as a shift dress.

I sewed a size 18 at the shoulders and graded to 20, the largest size, at the hips. I hope that Anya can expand the size range as she develops ore patterns!

I’m so rusty at this blogging business… what else should I include? Is that enough pictures? Do they show all the angles and details you’d want to see? I’m just going to leave it there for now, and hopefully I’ll be back before too long with some other long-finished projects from the fall!

Hugs to you all, my friends!

30 thoughts on “Back to Blogging with an Anna Zoe Bessie Top!

    1. I can really imagine you enjoying this pattern! And thank you for reading and commenting – makes me day that anyone still follows me here!


  1. So nice to have you back Gillian! Beautiful top. Yes I agree a shift dress would be lovely with those lines. Hugs back at you.


  2. I missed you Gillian, and am glad to see you posting. The top is lovely, but not as lovely as seeing your smiling face.


  3. the sleeve is great. And I have to agree with you that I find many of the bouffant feature sleeves so popular lately very overwhelming on a short, curvy figure.


  4. Missed you! Always love your chatty and inspirational blog. I found your color palette post really interesting. Many years ago I discovered I was a Winter (true/soft) which proved to be a refreshing discovery. Take care. Regards, Sandra


      1. Last year was crazy, and I think it’s going to stay that way for a bit. I’m trying to find time for all the things but sewing and blogging are a bit of a back seat at the moment. I’m trying to get at least some things seen this year though and get more of a balance between work, other work, and non-work.


    1. Thank you! I’ts nice to be back. i thought about throwing in the towel on blogging but I do love having the record of my projects!


  5. Hi Gillian! I was a tester too (first timer). I made my tester in a lightweight rayon and it was glorious to wear in the warmer months. I’ve since made a second in a mid-weight knit. Just a fantastic pattern!


  6. Very attractive pattern on you. Yes a Shift dress win that pattern would look outstanding too! Glad your back on


  7. It looks cute! I love the neckline, but I can see how it would be perilous. I’m trying to go back to reading more blogs lately… they’re fun but just not as easy to comment on on my phone. ❤️


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