Seamwork Gene

I got royally fed up with all the wovens I’d been sewing this spring and summer, so I’ve switched back to my beloved knits! I’m trying to make use of my new Seamwork subscription, so I picked the Seamwork Gene which I remember lots of friends loving when it was released.

Gene is a jersey cocoon dress with a slightly off-centre twist. It’s a real fabric hog, so I cut it on the cross grain and made it in 2m instead of 3! I made a straight size 18.

There isn’t much to say about this dress, to be honest! It was fast and easy, it’s cut but not a new favourite. That didn’t stop me from making a second though!

The pink and blue is an ITY, and the fit is much the same. I thought it might be noticeably smaller or shorter than the black and white rayon I used, but nope, they are very similar!

In other news, I tried ordering glass online for the first time, and I’m so happy with how the frames turned out! I asked for advice on Instagram, and ended up ordering from Zenni. These came to $100 with progressive lenses, which is a lot cheaper than the $400 I paid just for lenses to put in my old frames at the optician! I do think there is a noticeable difference in quality of the frame, especially in the hinges and weight, but it seems worth a gamble.

(If you are curious about returns, read on… I like the frames and the prescription is correct, but I didn’t like the placement of the transition zones between near and far prescriptions. I asked to return them and reorder a different transition placement (they offer three) and they said “sure”… then they said “We notice you are in Canada. Don’t bother mailing them back, we will just give you store credit tomorrow!” I was impressed! I think that also means they would just get thrown out if I sent them back, so I’ll make sure they get donated instead. For now I’ve passed the frames on to my mom because they look super cute on her!)

Tomorrow is my first day back in person at school since March – I’m not thrilled with the safety plans but live in hope that it will keep improving before students arrive next week. Hope that you are well and safe and sewing!

6 thoughts on “Seamwork Gene

  1. Good luck with the teaching! My mom is also back in school, but the students haven’t returned yet. I’m still not thrilled with the idea that the kids will come back soon because I’m also skeptical of safety protocols, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised by the time the kids actually return.

    Also your dress is super cute!


  2. Gillian, I can endorse Zenni as a great place to get affordable prescription eyeglasses. I first bought from them 4 years ago and now have 10 pairs! At their prices I can afford to buy a couple of pairs every year. I get trifocals and have never had any problem with them.

    Your Gene dress is great too. As a person whose midriff is the widest part of me I’m always looking cocoon style dresses for comfort and elegance. I haven’t bought the Gene pattern but seeing your version is making it very tempting.


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