Seamwork Clarke Tank

It fits!

Look, I know that should be a given, but we all know Seamwork has sometimes had a reputation for dodgy fit. As I said in my last post, I had really good results with the Seamwork Ariel, and decided to get a Seamwork membership.

The first thing I sewed was the new Blake dress… and it flopped. I rounded up my bodice and sewed a straight size 20, and then had to take in the side seams significantly. It is designed for ponte, which is my least favourite knit, and the seams along the facing stretched and warped. I still like it in concept, so I’ll size down and try again in a different fabric.

This is the Clarke top that came out last summer. I’m really into drapey rayon woven tops this summer, and this is a good addition to the rotation! I sewed a straight size 18, and I’m most impressed that the armscye sits so high. In some sleeveless patterns I need to do a petite adjustment to cover my bra, but the shoulders and neckline all fit well.

That said – it’s short! I’m 5’2″, which whatever height I have mostly in my torso… but I’d be more comfortable in this top if it was 2″ longer. That’s why we sew though, right? I adore this fabric from Style Maker, so much that I also bought it in a colourway with a cornflower blue background. I’m sure you’ll see that before too long!

One question though – what do you wear with your floaty tops in summer? It completely defeats the point to wear jeans, I don’t own or like skirts, so I guess it’s shorts or wide leg pants? I’d appreciate your styling suggestions!


Behold my more-private backyard! My parents bought me a bunch of lattice sheets for my birthday, then my dad came up to help install them. My backyard has rarely been used in the 4 years we have rented here because it opens on one side onto a parking lot and is in full view of the street. It’s so much more peaceful in the yard now and we are enjoying having the extra space!

We are in the middle of a heat wave, so I’m not sewing much – it’s far to sweaty! How is your summer going?

10 thoughts on “Seamwork Clarke Tank

  1. Hi Gillian! Things I wear with floaty summer tops: closet case Pietra shorts (They have such a lovely high wasteland flared leg that suits short tops), liesl and co SoHo shorts (which are actually like soft culottes), sew liberated Arenite pants. The sohos and the arenites I’ve made out of silk noil and find them so perfect for hot weather, and a perfect weight to accompany floaty tops. Also, I have a store-bought skort which I wear tons in the summer, cotton poplin with a rib knit waist, and I’m going to make myself another one later this summer using a Value Village pattern find. Your Clarke is lovely!


  2. This top is so cute Gillian! I pretty much exclusively wear full or cropped pants in summer. To keep cool & pair with floaty tops, I either wear wide-leg viscose/rayon pants/culottes, or slim bengaline pants (eg Style Arc Elle). Good quality bengaline is made from rayon, nylon and elastane, so it’s quite cool even when worn in a slim cut. And it stretches 4 ways like a knit! Super comfy.


  3. Cute top – and like you, sometimes struggle with the armhole covering my bra at the side – looks a good fit, although I agree a couple of inches longer might be good next time. Floaty tops – yes what to wear with them – if it was longer you could get away with shorts in the summer, so not jeans and not a skirt! I have a couple of floaty tops I wear with three quarter length floaty trousers with the bottom cuffs turned up – seems to look ok!


  4. I just love the Clarke top on you! It is such a wonderful staple! I am still figuring out what to wear it with, but my guess is anything high-waisted.


  5. I usually wear my Clarke with the Miller shorts that I made to go with it. (I did lengthen my Clarke by 2″ right off the bat.) As a fellow shortie, you’ll likely want to shorten the rise on the Miller. I also love love love the new-ish Dorian shorts/pant pattern. I’ve made the shorts twice and the pants once–those are what I typically wear short-ish tops with these days. (I needed to shorten the rise on that pattern, too–seems to be a standard alteration for me for Seamwork patterns.)


  6. LOVE the green! Also – hear me out on this – the “cropped” blousy top goes really well with linen (or knit) harem pants. Strange combo but true.


  7. So cute! I hate to admit I don’t have any floaty summer tanks (a major failing of my wardrobe) and I also really hate when things are too short on me (I have a really long torso), so I’ve always avoided these sorts of tops in the past. I think yours looks really great though, and I’ve seen so many fun lightweight summer tank tops the past few years that I’m really tempted to try making one soon – thanks for the info on this pattern!


  8. This Clarke top looks great! Love the fabric and your “new” back yard LOL.

    Tbh, there’s something about the shape of the Blake that is giving me pause. Maybe I need to see it on a few more bodies first.


  9. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the shape of this top, it’s like the Ogden cami but with bra strap coverage. I don’t need or want a Seamwork subscription. So, would you consider this pattern worth the $14 non-subscription price? Thanks!


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