Catching up on blogging!

For years I blogged twice a week, but now I haven’t blogged for a month. Like everyone, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, learning and reflecting… and working from home… running Sewcialists… and sewing!

I have some special projects that I want to blog about so they are recorded, but also some quick things I’d like to mention. All of these fit my self-imposed rule of supporting companies that actively support diversity in the sewing community. I made a few things in May and June that I’m not going to mention because the companies haven’t posted about Black Lives Matter or responded to my emails asking about their stance.

I made a reverse-applique Black Lives Matter shirt! I’ve worn it to protests and to school on the day parents picked up their belongings. I also made one for a friend!

Did I ever show you this Closet Case Patterns cat onesie? It’s the Amy jumpsuit in an ITY knit. I’ve had a secret mission to buy and sew cat themed fabric during lockdown!

Dressmaking Debacles inspired me to make a jersey maxi dress and it is so comfy!

I sewed some precious stash rayon knit into a tank top

My mom sent me a picture of an inspiration dress, and I sewed her a version. Doesn’t she look great?

I made a Muna and Broad Torrens Box top, and took pictures after having a nap in it. I avoided wovens for years for fear of wrinkles, and embracing the wrinkles is helping change my mind!

Finally… I had bedhead A LOT. It’s my work from home style!

I’d love to hear about your month! How are you? What’s new?

7 thoughts on “Catching up on blogging!

  1. Gillian, Thank you so much for the inspiration – both your community work and sewing! Wishing you all the best!


  2. Secret cat fabric mission eh? 😜 This fabric is so cute though.Our local store used to carry this same cat print in peach skin.Your mum is the cutest btw! And with this fade, you don’t really have to worry about bedhead syndrome too much either.


  3. I love your makes, especially the Torrens top. How had I missed Muna and Broad? (I just read the Glebe pants review on CSC – it’s not in the index so I’d missed it). Anyway I’m so glad you’ve introduced me to them, and you look fab.That tank top is magic, the fabric on your Torrens is tdf and your maxi dress is super elegant. And you rock *all* the hairstyles.
    Nice job on the #BLM shirt, too. Xx


  4. I love the idea of a cat fabric theme.. And the sleep in your shirt before photos method of wrinkle rehab too. Don’t get me wrong, I love knits, but wovens are much better when it’s hot and muggy.

    I have been having sort of the reverse journey, fabric wise. My spring sewing plans fell through, into a cesspool of work deadlines and life uncertainties. I have slowly gotten reconciled to pjs as the core of my wardrobe for the foreseeable future. It’s not that I wasn’t into comfort before, but let’s just say it’s taken on a whole new dimension.

    So in my journey to improve the loungewear, I fell in love with some gold velvet pants Jasika made. Fell so hard I ordered some gold velours online, got a joggers pattern, made a muslin.. and realized every time I pulled them on a seam was popping. That did it. Lack of space, unemployment, you name it, since a transcontinental move 5 years ago I had been sergerless. Well, as of yesterday that’s over 😁. Now ready for a long luxurious weekend of wallowing in gold velvet and whatever else has been piling up..


  5. Love your sewing style. Your honest bedhead pic made me chuckle! My husband recently has been asking me most mornings what hedge I was dragged through in the night – think it’s a lot to do with leaving hair to do it’s own thing during lockdown!


  6. Your month feels like my month but with more sewing! I love your cat fabric obsessions, and your BLM shirt. It’s nice to see the end-of-month round ups, and enjoy everything you’ve made in one fun post. As far as my own month goes… I’ve spent a lot of time feeling really conflicted on how to approach sewing and blogging moving forward, because I have so many patterns/fabric in my stash that are from brands I’m not really feeling like supporting at the moment. But I also want to sew/document/share things, and the most sustainable option feels like I should use what I have instead of rage-dumping it all and starting over. I’m taking a lot of time to read and listen to others, which has meant I haven’t spent a lot of time sewing or being creative. But I think this is good because it’s letting me change my perspective and consider things in a new way. So it feels like a month that has both been completely unproductive and very productive but in really different ways. Also – I can 100% relate on the bedhead! Work from home is a really different way of life…


  7. Thanks for info on Style sew me. I have already ordered a couple patterns. Misa pants just the style I have been searching for. I have used Pan African prints for many years now and Never been disappointed. I love to sew for Me and like not seeing myself walking around the mall in RTW prints.
    Good for you on BLM shirt. Can I steal the idea for myself?
    Shalom Pegeth


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