A quick post about the new Jalie Patterns!

Welcome to the new Jalie Patterns! Years before I became a pattern tester for them, I would start counting down to the annual release. Jalie always have mix of simple classics, modern basics, and a huge range of athletic gear which I ignore!

This time I tested two patterns: The Romy Sweater and Tunic, and the Renee Ponte Pants. I asked to test the pants because they are exactly the style my mom prefers, and I don’t have a pattern specifically for ponte. I made my tester version in a scuba faux-suede, and they fit exactly as advertised… which turns out to not be a gap in my wardrobe, so I don’t have any pictures.

However the Jalie Romy is right up my alley!

Romy is boxy inverted-triangle top, with fitted sleeves and waist. It reminds me a lot of my TNT Tessuti Isla – perfect timing because after Tessuti has repeatedly promised larger sizes then said it was “too hard” to go up to a 18-22, I’m not supporting them right now. I sewed an EE in this top, and it’s actually a bit big. The Jalie size range goes to GG, so not a full plus range, but at least they always have their clothes modelled on the full size range from kids to plus!

I mean, damn, can I be this lady, please? I love the way hers fits in a cosy sweater knit, and she also models the cute tunic version. Jalie says she fits a CC, for reference. I’m tempted to make this pattern one more time before summer – after all, it’s supposed to snow twice this week! (Cue sobbing.)

(Yes, it was snowing in February when I took these pictures – that doesn’t mean I accept snow in May!)

My fabric is a slippery poly sweater knit from Len’s Mills locally. According to my testing notes, I found the sleeves went past my fingertips, and I narrowed them as well as shortening them. I also wrote that it was my first time with this shape of neckline, and it came together flawlessly!

The four raglan sleeve seams are shaped up to the neck, where they becmoe a little roll-over collar that is tacked in place at the seams. In this fabric it relaxes into folds, and in a studier fabric it will give a stand up turtleneck look. Cute either way!

As for the other patterns released… I’m most excited to buy the Bianca Dress and Top, which will work well for all the drapey wovens i’ve bought lately!

Jalie always has a buy 3 PDFS/Get 20% off coupon (JALIE3PDF) so if you *just so happened* to want an excuse to support a Canadian-owned business run by the most genuine women I’ve ever had the please to meet, here are my suggestions!

Do you see what I just did there? I think I justified to myself buying 3 patterns. Sorry not sorry. I have tested about 5 Jalie patterns in the last few years, and bought at least 10-15 Jalie patterns with my own money. I promise that not one word in this post was required by Jalie.

Happy sewing, my dear friends!

P.s. I bought the Bianca Dress, the Rova Dress, and the oldie-but-a-goodie knit Maxi Dress!

10 thoughts on “A quick post about the new Jalie Patterns!

  1. That’s a beautiful garment, love the fabric it really suits you and the fit is perfect. I’ve been tempted to buy this pattern and you’ve convinced me to have another look at it.


    1. Some of the other testers did the raglan sleeves in different colours, and it looked so cute!! I think you’ll like it!


  2. That’s a fabulous top on you – I adore the print! So many great patterns in this release. I haven’t sewn many Jalie – they used to be very expensive and hard to locate in Australia. Now that they have pdf I have no excuse!


  3. That fabric is perfect for that top! The ponte pants sound interesting, especially as a classier secret pajamas look, but my ponte Hudson pants that I made at the beginning of the year pilled so fast that I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Personally, I’m eyeing the Elle top, and especially the Maxime jacket. I love my three me-made coats, but they’re not exactly appropriate for taking the kids hiking or even sometimes to the playground. (Whenever they open those up again.)


  4. Ooh, the Bianca is lovely! It’s like the Wiksten shift without the (whispering: slightly annoying) mystique (and price point). I’m sorry you’re being snowed on. You should be sunned on, darn it! I love that fabric you’ve used for your sweater, it reminds me of a mural artist in my city.


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