A Burda ITY Dress

I’m craving some normalcy, so let’s just jump in with a dress I made at least a month ago!

Why yes, my choice of print does hide EVERY design detail! For clarity, here’s a picture of the same pattern that I made last year in a heavy double knit.

This is a Burda envelope pattern, in the regular size range which is too small for me. However, in a knit with a few inches added to the skirt, it’s great! The skirt is a tulip shape, with deep box pleats at the waistline. The pattern has the pleats only in the front, and a smooth fitted back skirt, but both times I’ve made it using the pleats front and back. My booty needs room, and I like the drama! I adore the huge pockets on the black version, which add to the hourglass silhouette, but I left them off in my new ITY version because I don’t think the fabric would have enough structure.

This is my ideal work dress. I love the high neckline and cropped sleeves, and the illusion of being dressy while actually in leggings and secret pyjamas! The waist has elastic in it to support the pleats and the skirt, but it is still very comfortable to sit in all day. The print itself is not my favourite (how much better would it be on me if the flowers were more saturated?) but it goes well with black leggings and black boots, which is my winter uniform!

You can see the hourglass of the silhouette better in motion, I think… I like to imagine my butt looks great in this when I walk! Work what your mother gave you, right?

Oh yeah – I almost forgot:

I made this dress bodice into a boiled wool jacket last year!

Et voila! This is the last project I had photographed and waiting to be blogged, so I wanted to share it. We are doing lots of #sewstayhome content on the Sewcialists, but for now, I think my own blog will be life as normal. I could use some normal and maybe you could too.

That said, we’ve got a #SewcialistsMiniChallenge running from today until Sunday, which is Sew Your Birth Year! I was born in 1982, and from my research, this batwing dress could have fit in perfectly!

Happy sewing, happy whatever-ing. Love you!

9 thoughts on “A Burda ITY Dress

  1. This is cute, but my first thought was “this is not Gillian style fabric” tbh. The colour and actually print itself just don’t look like you to me, so I’m hoping you can get more wear out of this one than I’m expecting you to.


  2. I am loving it in the flowery fabric. I was born a bit before you – so have to say batwings were great in the 80’s! My mum made me the most wonderful dress in a batwing dress in a mint green and white linen mix – wore it to death! I also had a white batwing mini dress which was a sexy number for nightclubbing in, and a black more sensible longer one for more sensible occasions (!) – it had a belt to cinch it in at the waist and I lent it to a pregnant friend for a funeral, without the belt. Funny how memories pop up with that one word – batwing !


  3. Your dress is fantastic and it’s so you! Love that you turned the bodice into the boiled wool jacket. This is my type of sewing…but then you know that already. I hope during this shut down you share more on your blog because I’ve missed your voice!


  4. Cute dress!
    I read about that challenge too, and glanced at my current favourite summer top pattern, its the right year! Haha! Someone suggested a while back that getting a Burda magazine from the month, and year of the seamstresses birthday would be a thoughtful. No! Omigoodness, no! Not in my case. Ever looked up your month/year of Burda?


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