My Most Worn Garment of the Season!

Surprise! I made this wool coat back in the fall, and never blogged it. I absolutely love it though, and wear it a lot! It’s the perfect layer for days when it’s around freezing and I’m just walking 10m between the house to the car to work! I can also wear it inside when the school is cold.

This is the same Burda Plus pattern that I used for my quilted fall jacket and boy oh boy do I wish I could link you to the pattern… but Burda has gone and “revamped” their website and now it’s useless! I know the pattern number and release date of this pattern, and I still can’t bloody find it on Burda!!?! If any of you have better Burda search skills than I do, perhaps you could link to it in the comments? It is the Collarless Jacket (Plus Size) 09/2013 #137.

For this version, I made it longer and added a box pleat in the back for ease. I went shopping for buttons when my sewing friend Kate (@Ilovecupkates) was in town, but I never got around to putting them on. For now, it is buttonless.

This is a very simple coat, with no interfacing, shoulder pads, etc. I quite like sewing styles like this, and find them really useful in my wardrobe. The best part of this project is the fabric though – it is a wool/poly blend from my local Fabricland. Funnily enough, Clever TInker made a coat out of the same fabric 3 years ago in Australia! Sure makes you wonder what the history and pathway of our “local” fabric purchases really is.

Speaking of wool blend coating… I bought some boiled wool blend recently and washing it did nothing to get rid of the distinct sheepy scent. Do you have any suggestions?

Now, let’s gossip about Burda! How bad is that new website? How annoying is it that my old saved login doesn’t seem to be working, and we had a week to download all our previously purchased patterns? And do you read Doctor T’s new pattern release reviews, which is what got me into Burda in the first place? Always good entertainment!

18 thoughts on “My Most Worn Garment of the Season!

  1. The new Burda web site is so so disappointing. Lack of information on patterns, latest magazine release. They really need to fix this site.


  2. Beyond Clean is made specifically for protein fibers & is recommended for particularly smelly fleeces (right off the sheep!) Check your local yarn stores, not big box stores


  3. Yup new burda site is awful and taking a really long time to get up and running which is my biggest peeve. Your old logon might start working again, mine and a few other PR people’s did and came back with some real funky patterns in my account (some creepy kids shark dressup onesie

    I also live by Doctor T’s reviews, they are my bible for burdastyle, I just have to wait another 5-6 weeks for my edition to land in the postbox here in Aus. Still love it though 🙂


  4. I love your coat! I wish there was more transparency in where our fabric comes from. At Fabricland especially, I find that half the time I can’t even determine what the fabric is made of (lookin’ at you, knifty knits). I’m trying to do better to buy from local businesses and other retailers with a little more information, but sometimes it’s cost prohibitive. I think you’ve written on this before.

    The new Burda site is bonkers. The old Burda site was bonkers, too, but I’m so turned off that I don’t even think I’ll attempt to learn how to navigate it!


  5. Lovely coat, the colors really suit you!! I’m so mad at Burda I don’t even know where to start. Being French, I learned to sew with Burda Magazine in my teens and as an expat living all over the world during the last decade, I heavily relied on the PDF patterns of Burdastyle since the day it was launched. I cannot believe they put out that FAQ just stating they lost all the accounts of their customers, and that they don’t intend to do anything about it. It’s beyond poor customer service….


  6. I have never been a Burda fan – if only because of their CRAZY way of presenting 87 patterns on the same piece of paper. But I’ve heard only bad things about the website.


  7. Love the coat! It’s a great use of such a fun fabric. I can totally see why it’s a wardrobe favorite for you.

    And thanks for the shoutout! The new US Burda site is totally useless, though it’s not the only Burda site with problems. I *really* hate that I can’t open 20 million tabs on the German site (and that I have to hit the back button 3 times to go back. Sorry, but, what?). I feel like the Russian site is usually the best, until they get forced into a redesign with the rest of the Burda empire (as happened circa 2014-ish?), but even then they still slowly evolved to come out on top. I’ve got some theories as to why the US Burda site went through such a rapid and ill conceived change, and it mostly extends from gossip I heard on a podcast and tidbits I picked up on other blogs. But I’m guessing that when the parent company of the Big4/Big1 changed recently, it messed with whatever agreements Burda had with US distribution (which was partially handled through the Simplicity site for envelope patterns) and the separate US website. It’s also interesting to note that this rapid change by Burda also coincides with Simplicity changing the look of their pattern envelopes and McCall’s going to this inane pattern naming for social media ploy. I feel like the change of parent companies rattled a lot of things in the non-indie pattern industry, and I think we are just starting to see how this is going to shake out…


  8. It’s SO BAD. Even if you’re just browsing, not looking for something in particular. I was clicking through dresses just for fun and there were jackets and tops mingled in. I can only imagine the frustration if you’re trying to use it in a focused way.
    My favorite part of an unstructured coat is the ability to wear it indoors as a classy topper! I love the print with the cocoon shape, very mod.


  9. I LOVE your coat! That shape is so cuddly and chic. Honestly the pleat in the back should always have been there. It’s like a warm hug.

    I hope someone can locate the pattern. I tried Karey’s link above and got a 404 error, tried her search term and got a “not found” error. This would be a perfect spring/fall wrap, if only I had a pattern! 😦


    1. It looks like I’ve solved the mystery of why this pattern can’t be found. Apparently they aren’t archiving patterns older than 2015?, at least according to the filter criteria.


  10. Another vote for using the German or Russian Burda websites. An extra bonus with the Russian site is that the sewers there are very fast to make up and post their versions. Google translate, while not perfect, means you can even read their comments on their makes.


  11. The search engine has incidentally archived what much of the new–and useless–Burda Style site has dumped, so if you input “burdastyle collarless jacket (plus size) 09/2013 #137” as a search term in the DuckDuckGo search bar, then select Images, various captures of the jacket and line art will be displayed. You can’t link to the images anymore, but you can copy and credit them, though Burda hardly deserves to be credited. Very nice coat, by the way.


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