Jalie Rachel Dress – it’s going to be a SMASH HIT!

I test a lot of patterns, and it’s not often that I’m so confident that a pattern will be a huge hit! But this Jalie Rachel Tie Front Dress is a banger, and it’s got everything going for it: fast, knit, forgiving fit, sexy but also casual, and lots of options! Plus it’s Jalie, so the size range is excellent and the drafting is top notch.

(Side note – look at that gorgeous curvy model! I keep looking at the cover and thinking, I want ALL of those versions!)

I made the short sleeved version with the tie that wraps all the way around the waist. I made CC at the bust and waist, and EE at the hips, because this sort of skirt can tend to ride up over my booty if I don’t allow enough fabric. I like that the tie that goes all the way around pulls in the back waist of the dress too – but the versions with the front tie only or just the gather are also very cute!

What I like most about the pattern is that the front draping is effective but not bulky. it doesn’t create a poof over the belly, at least not in ITY like I used. I have worn this dress a lot since sewing it, and I always feel great in it!

Here’s how it looks untied, on the left, and tied without wrapping it all the way around my waist, on the right. I know my print hides everything – sorry-not-sorry!

There were a few tweaks made after testing to perfect the fit, so it should be even better now. In the tester version the front hem sagged a bit and was longer, which is why I leveled mine off and added a hem band to make it a bit longer than drafted. I’m definitely going to print and sew the final version soon!

Like I said, I think the pattern will be a huge success! I can picture it being so elegant in velvet as a New Years party dress… or in cotton jersey as a weekend athleisure look… in ITY as an office appropriate blouse… my sister will look great in it, and so will my mom! It’s feminine but not floofy and girly, which is exactly my style these days.

It’s been a long time since I raved so hard about a pattern – what do you think? Are you into it? Am I going to sew a million? Am I just too into it? Let me know!

30 thoughts on “Jalie Rachel Dress – it’s going to be a SMASH HIT!

  1. I am totally buying it! I adore Jalie. And I love that a single pattern has enough sizes for me to make something for myself and both my daughters. I was looking at it and thinking that, with a fancy fabric, it would make a great Christmas dress for my oldest. She doesn’t like dresses in general (except for maxis in Summer) but this one will be comfortable and not to frou-frou for her.


    1. Comfortable and not too frou frou is a perfect description! I like how in the pictures of the kids dresses it looks cute and easy to run around in with leggings, and in the ladies photos it curve hugging but also skimming in all the ways I like! Best of both worlds!


  2. You are so right. As soon as the pattern hit my inbox I went to the website and purchase it. I hardly buy something so fast, but the potential of this top/dress are unlimited!


    1. 🙂 I feel like it’s a good sign that people who read my blog also love the same patterns as me – we’ve found our people!


    1. I think you would really enjoy this! It’s got that, “Yes I dressed professionally” look while also being a t-shirt!


  3. Looks great and I love the print of that fabric. It may be just the pattern I’m looking for to go with 2 metres of drapey knit in my stash


  4. Great dress (The “tie” seems a little different from most) but on a different subject
    You have mentioned that your sister uses an insulin pump (Mine does too) and this article about a 12 year old contacting GAP and them not only replying but having her consult on putting her design, a sweatshirt that accommodates her pump, into production

    She also notes that girls don’t have enough pockets in their clothing in general

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, that’s fantastic! I’m the sister with the pump, and YES, pockets are wonderful. Waistbands too! And I love the idea of young people speaking up and making changes with big companies! Now if they’d just put pockets in EVERYTHING, that would be wonderful, eh?

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    2. Wow, that is so inspiring! What an awesome kid, and good on the company for listening! Thank you – that brought a lightness to my heart after reading lots of depressing news about the world!


  5. It looks wonderful on you! I received an email about this pattern, and I really like it! I agree that it looks like it would be a huge success, and I am intrigued to make it as well. I love the dress on you, but I could also see the top in multiple versions.


    1. Yvette linked to a top version above in the comments, and it’s got a totally different vibe than my dress – chic and elegant! Gotta love a pattern than is a shapeshifter!


  6. That print on you looks gorgeous! Thank you for the details. It sounds like it has the right amount of ease! I love the long sleeve option!


  7. This pattern is about to be everywhere – in some measure due to your fantastic modelling of it! I LOVE it. The ties are perfectly positioned. I want the shirt and the dress. Also, part of the reason you love the model so much is cuz she’s got that French Cdn chic thing happening. Somehow, everyone in Mtl manages to look like this. 🙂 The weather may be hideous half the year, but those ladies dress up and do their hair. How they wear heels in snow is beyond me.


    1. Ha! You are so right! The “Oh I’m wearing a knit dress and runners” but also I have a beautifully waved pony is my dream of being casually chic! (Something you do very well!)


  8. I saw this dress and loooooved it, but I am a few inches past their top size, do you think it would be easy enough to grade out ?


  9. Your version is gorgeous…it’s the most beautiful version I’ve seen so far. Nice work!!! I purchased this pattern just seconds after it was released and I can hardly wait to make one!


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