Style Maker Fabrics Fall Style Tour 2019!

Hello and welcome to fall! I was tickled pink (or mauvey-purple like my sweater?) to be invited to join the Style Makers Fabric Fall Style Tour this year! I’ve admired Michelle’s store for years – she finds the most beautiful colour stories for each season, and I’m a sucker for stores organized by colour.

For the tour, we were invited to pick whichever fabrics we wanted in return for a blog post. It was SO HARD to choose! Sometimes I get distracted by what a fabric wants to be and end up sewing something that I won’t really wear often… so this time I was determined to focus on what would get the most wear and bring the most joy into my wardrobe. I couldn’t be happier with the way my outfit turned out!

As you can probably guess, the dress is the Closet Case Pattern Cielo – I’ve now made all the versions, including two tops and two dresses, and the billowy sleeves. The pattern is perfect for this Soiree Jungle floral rayon poplin. I feel like I’ve finally figured out the difference between challis and poplin – rayon poplin turns out to be the correct term for what I always thought of as “good challis”! Fine, soft and drapey, but not an absoloute lightweight shifty bugger. This fabric comes with a bunch of coordinating prints and they are all beautiful!

Are you thinking to yourself that my pictures look grainy? Yeah. My camera settings got bumped to manual and I didn’t notice. Oh well!

Look at the gorgeous colours! I usually stick with cool tones, but I love the way this print incorporates cool bright colours like hot pink and teal with warmer shades like orange, forest green, and olive. My absolute favourite prints are multi-coloured organic prints with black and white , so this is perfectly up my alley! (Want to figure out what prints you love most? I wrote a quiz about it years ago!)

In fact, I was so inspired by the colourway that I ended up building a custom palette of single eyeshadows based on it, and pulling out fabrics for a matching fall capsule collection!

I take crafting a rainbow quite literally – my life is better when wrapped in colour head to toe!

I knew I wanted a cardigan to go with the dress, so I asked Michelle for ideas. She suggested this Designer Soft Brushed Sweater Knit in raspberry, and I think it’s perfect! It doesn’t exactly match the print, but it coordinates and is a new colour for my wardrobe. The knit is super soft and stretchy, with a brushed texture on the outside.

This is my favourite shape of cardigan – I’ve got at least 6 now, and they go with both dresses and pants! I wrote a tutorial for hacking this type of drapey cardigan using your favourite t-shirt pattern if you want to try it out.

I’m so happy that I got to take part in this blog tour, because it was the perfect motivation and inspiration I needed to kick off fall sewing. You’ve actually already seen a few things from the fall capsule inspired by this print, but here’s a hint of things to come!

If you’d like to see the other bloggers on the tour, you can check out their posts below – or take advantage of $5 US shipping or discounted international shipping at Style Maker Fabrics if you want!

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Do you get inspired to make seasonal colour schemes? What colours would you pick for this season?

8 thoughts on “Style Maker Fabrics Fall Style Tour 2019!

  1. Great outfit, and I love how you accessorized it! There’s something about fall that does shift the colors that I want to wear– you know how I love my blue green ocean colors, especially in the spring and summer, but fall makes me want warmer tones like plum, brown, olive, and gold. Now if I could just figure out what I want to wear in the winter, because all I know is that I want clothes that are warm and bright colors!


    1. I feel like the goal in winter is to stay in pyjamas and a robe as much as possible!!! who cares what colour – just WARM! 😉


  2. This is so totally fall goals that it’s making me look sadly over at my spring wardrobe and wish I could jet over to the northern hemisphere for an extra dose of autumn!


  3. Ooh, how lovely!! I like everything about this – the patterns look great and the fabric is beautiful! I’m off to check out the drapey cardigan post… Thank you!


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