Colour-Blocked Wiksten

I sewed a surprising amount of wovens this summer, and ended up with a beautiful pile of leftovers. These three colours of linen-rayon blends seemed destined to be patchworked together, and the Wiksten Shift top was the perfect pattern for it!

I sewed a size 20 and didn’t adjust the length. Everything else I’ve ever sewn from a Wiksten pattern has been hilariously too long on me. The below the knee version of this pattern is a maxi on me, and the sleeves of the Haori went 6″ past my fingertips! I guess they mean this to be quite cropped? As is, I like the length of this top on my 5’2″ frame.

The boxy shape and vibrant contrast colours make this top quite a statement.. so i chose to keep it as clean as possible by matching all the visible threads to the fabric colours. Yellow thread on the sleeves, blue on the blue, pink on the pink. I think that extra detail helps it look polished!

Look how beautifully it matches this gorgeous shawl my sister made me last winter? I love it! so bright and happy!

And yet, if you follow me on Instagram, you know what happened to this top the first time I wore it – no, I didn’t stain or rip it – I gave it away!

My mom is the same height and proportions as me, but much more slender… and what do you know, the top looks fabulous on her! She wears woven tops more often than I do, and I hope she’ll enjoy this one too. I LOVE sewing, but I definitely don’t need all the clothes I make!

That said, I do have a knit dress version of this pattern coming up, and it is super cute!

3 thoughts on “Colour-Blocked Wiksten

  1. That top was a perfect choice for your fabrics, and the bright colours are so “you”. Having said that, it looks great on your mom, too. Isn’t it nice to share our talents? And our “makes”? As a prolific sewist, I also sew way more garments than I can wear, and love to gift my makes to those who appreciate them.


  2. Um – now that I’ve seen it on you, I wouldn’t have given it away (no matter how nice it looks on your mum – and it does look fab on her). This thing is also adorable on you. The trapeze thing is really working and the colours are fantastic. You really are going into the stash these days! Also, great combo with the shawl. Do not give your mother that shawl! Anne’s gotta make her one 🙂


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