Maria Denmark Annika Boat Neck Dress

Maria Denmark Boatneck

Sometimes I get the itch for a new pattern – something fun to sew that will add a different look to my wardrobe. I don’t have a specific pattern in mind, I just want something new! This time the itch for a new pattern coincided with MariaDenmark’s 40th birthday 40% sale. I took a look through her catalogue (including the patterns from her Danish Sewing magazine) and ended up with the Annika Boat Neck Dress!

Maria Denmark Boatneck

As you can see, it’s a semi-fitted knit dress with a straight slash neckline. It doesn’t have any darts, but it does have a shaped back seam that helps with the fit. I think the neck would probably divide opinions – if you hate things touching your neck, you won’t like this! I actually don’t find it uncomfortable, even when it rides up a bit on my neck as shown above.

Maria Denmark Boatneck

But really, it’s all about the fabric, right? I got this double knit on the ends table, and what you can’t see in the pics is that the white stripes are a rubbery puffy print that feels cheap and nasty – but in a way I love. I get along well with slightly tacky prints!

Maria Denmark Boatneck

Once I have a pattern cut out and sitting on my table, I often sew it twice, so here is my second version! It is a ribbed sweater knit that I have had in the stash for years. I always think I’ll make cardigans with sweater knits, but this print was just too much… but as a sweater, I think it works!

Maria Denmark Boatneck

I did find that with the rib knit the neckline stretches wider, so I ended up sewing it in a little further. That’s always the challenge with boat necks, isn’t it? Wide enough to be flattering, narrow enough to not showcase bra straps if you want to hide them!

Maria Denmark Boatneck

What’s the last pattern you bought on a whim? Did you see the pattern and want it, or did you want a pattern then find one to buy? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

p.s. Since I drafted this post, Maria launched the first issue of her Sewing Life magazine, which I think is a sister publication to the Danish sewing mag she has published for a few years! The patterns are size 34-54. This issue includes patterns for a trench coat and a really cute jumpsuit! You might remember I sewed a couple of versions of the cocoon dress from the free pre-issue last year.

p.p.s. Maria also posted a forward shoulder tutorial for this dress pattern yesterday, and I’ll use that adjustment next time!

3 thoughts on “Maria Denmark Annika Boat Neck Dress

  1. The exact link for Maria’s tutorial (because in a few days “yesterday” will be too hard to find there).

    Gillian, the fabric is AMAZING. I really love your use of it ❤


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