Trying the Closet Case Cielo Top

Cielo Setacular

Picture this: It’s the last day of school before two months of vacation; you’ve had a rough year personally and professionally; and the pattern designer who fits your body shape best has just released three new patterns. What did I do? I bought them all!

Now, I’d like to acknowledge a few things up front.

1. Some people who I respect and admire are angry at some choices Closet Case Patterns has made, how they’ve handle past mistakes, and are frustrated that the extended sizing hasn’t happened yet.

2. You should spend your money where you want to! I believe our money has power.

3. I’m still going to enjoy these patterns and share about them online, because my past personal interactions with the Closet Case team make me think that they are indeed working hard on extended sizing, and it will be good when it comes. I have tested for them in the past but did not test this collection.

4. It matters to me that this launch represents a few firsts: first time they had a size 20 model, and first time in a pattern of theirs that I’ve used that 3 cup sizes were available. It’s also first time they released the pattern in French and English, and as a Canadian, Γ§a c’est important!

Now let’s get to the fun part!

Cielo Setacular

Oh yeah, baby! It’s a SET-TACULAR!

This is the Cielo with a pair of pull-on Jenny trousers that I made last year. I had just enough of the scraps to make the top, and I thought it would be fun to be able to wear them as a faux-jumpsuit! In the end, maybe it’s a bit too pyjama-ish for me to really wear out and about, but only time will tell. What do you think?

Cielo Setacular

Let’s talk details, since I know a lot of people have bought the pattern and might be wondering about fit:

  • I measure 45/39/50, and I sewed this in a size 16 using the D-cup pieces.
  • I graded out to a 20 at the hips, and will probably add a smidge more room for safety when I make the dress version. My hips are 2″ larger than the size 20. (For reference, the floral Jenny culottes I’m wearing are a size 20, and the black ones I’m wearing in a stretch denim in the first pic are more like a size 16.)
  • I shortened 1.25″ above the bust because I’m short and the armscye is drafted to be low.
  • This has a baby hem on the bottom so next time I’ll add that 1.25″ back at the hem!
  • I skipped the sleeve cuff because I didn’t have enough fabric.
  • The sleeve seam sits perfectly on my shoulder.
  • The bust darts sit a little wide on me, making poufs at my underarm. I’ll make them a bit longer next time.
  • I love a neckline facing, as I said with the Ashton top!
  • We all know I don’t like wovens, but I wore this all day and was totally comfortable! No pulling across the back or sleeves.
Cielo Setacular

I hope that is helpful if you are considering this pattern! I can’t wait to make the lantern sleeves with the front in-seam pockets… and we all know this is going to end up as a knit before long. I’ve got plans to try the shorts in a stretch denim first and then the wide leg pants in a rayon challis. School is out for the summer, and I’m ready to SEW!

What’s the last pattern you felt giddy joy buying? Whose pattern releases to you stalk before launch day?

22 thoughts on “Trying the Closet Case Cielo Top

  1. I love this outfit on you! I have seen these but I’ve become a big fan of Love Notions patterns in the last year. Their full bust options are great plus there is lots of help on their fb/site for keen (but not clever) sewers like me! It’s been refreshing to find Indy patterns as I gave up sewing for 30 odd years after many frustrating failures with the big four. Your blog has been real inspiration too – stay well πŸ™‚


    1. I’m so glad you’ve found a company that works for you! I feel like everything is so much easier when you’ve got that!


  2. I think it looks fantastic and I’m pleased to see so many viewpoints on the internet! In truth – I like the black pants floral top combo best but then I’m still trying to get used to wearing an actual jumpsuit πŸ™‚ It’s just a personal preference. And I see what you mean about the bust dart length (only cuz you mentioned it, btw). I’d lengthen it by about an inch and maybe lower it just slightly and/or change the angle to point more diagonally and then you’ve got your woven shirt of the year! It’s such a pretty sleeve.

    The last patterns I have bought are 2 that I’ve just made: Sirocco Jumpsuit and Danube Skirt. They both really intrigued me and they are both good patterns but the Sirocco probably wins, just given that it’s weird to wear a jumpsuit and I can’t believe I’ve been convinced. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been waiting for the CCP drop yesterday, as you well know. The patterns are very beautifully designed with a lot of thought and effort.


    1. I”m starting to think that Closet Case Patterns and Deer and Doe have a lot in common – both well drafted, both drafted for a curvy figure!


  3. I like the Faux jumpsuit…My first thought was: she needs a glass of whine or some king of summery drink with fruit in a fancy glass…I think I am ready for summer!
    On a sewing note:
    I am trying to figure out the bust dart from the armscye right now myself…


  4. I would have expected to like the contrast trousers look more…but all floral for the win! Bugger anyone who thinks it looks like pyjamas, all jumpsuits do lol
    The openly Closet Case I’ve tried is the Bombshell swimsuit, till unfinished and unblogged, but their instructions are good and the pattern drafting seemed spot on.
    Nice one kiddo!


    1. I’m going to try the all floral tomorrow and see how i feel in it! ‘Cause then when my family teases me about it, I can tell them my internet friends like it! πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the faux jumpsuit look. Not pyjama-ish at all. I think the problem with the bust dart might have happened when you shortened the top above the bust.


  6. It has been a crazy school year. I hope to catch up with you on the work front at the Toronto sewcial! I have only made the CCP Salle jumpsuit for my daughter and I love how it turned out. I am in the process of finishing my Jenny shorts and I am delighted with the fit (I did make a muslin). My instagram feed must be swayed because the promotion and launch was intense for the Rome patterns. I am going to try Helen’s Closet shell top because the measurements for the cup size works perfectly for me. Whoever thought that we would be getting cup sizes in patterns – so good for me!!!


    1. Hurray for cup sizes! i didn’t even know this pattern had 3 cup sizes until I went to print it! I’ll see you in Toronto soon!


  7. Does the dart come from the armscye? I don’t have the pattern, but that seems bonkers to me. I’m an almot-40-year-old woman with a pair of E-cups. In no world is my bust apex at armscye-level. I honestly think that poofiness you’ve got going is like 10% because the dart needs to be a bit longer & 90% because it’s too high. Which could just be a function of having shortened the top above the bust. Who knows!

    Other than that, it’s great, very in keeping with your style, & I think the faux-jumpsuit look is on point & definitely does not look like pajamas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love an interesting dart location! A dart can be rotated anywhere – vertical up from the hem, horizontal from the side seam, horizontal between the two boobs, vertical from the neckline… this one comes down at an angle from the armscye. I think you are right that I pulled it out of alignment when i shortened things! πŸ™‚


  8. I love your blog and your stuff and your position almost always, but there is no F’ing way I’m using foreign currency to shop in my own country. I would SO love to support a small Canadian business if they would just do ONE thing that was supportable.


    1. Oh how interesting! Paying in USD has never bothered me. There’s the 15% discount code for Canadians, and I figure something is either worth the price it costs or it isn’t. To each their own! πŸ˜‰


  9. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of you sewing wovens! But it is a really fun set.

    I’ve really been digging the Itch to Stitch patterns lately, even though I haven’t been able to sew any this year. Her size range isn’t the most extensive (up to 20), but she does have several cup sizes, and I was happy with how her pull on jeans worked for me, even well into the first trimester this time. The last pattern I bought was her Chai dress, which I’m planning to make for a nursing friendly dress for a cousin’s wedding next year, and I was excited to see her most recent top looks like a great nursing option as well!


  10. That Cielo dress gives me heart eyes emoji, but my full bust is just too big for it. On the bright side, I just got the Wiksten shift pattern, which I am very excited about, so I think I’ll be okay. πŸ˜€


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