Jalie Nikita Workout Tank as Maxi Dress!

After I pattern tested for the most recent Jalie collection, they offered us all an additional pattern for each one we tested. I jumped at the chance to get the Nikita Workout Tank, which has really fun seamlines!

Jalie Palm Maxi Dress

And of course, I turned it into a maxi, just like I did with another Jalie pattern last year! And also predictably, I chose a crazy print that hides much of the detail. Here’s the pattern envelope so you can see!

Cute, right?

Jalie Palm Maxi Dress

To make it a maxi, I extended out the side seams and front panel, and then stuck a big deep ruffle on the hem on either side of the front panel. I really should have paid more attention to the fact that it’s drafted as a workout tank – the armscye was very low. I ended up having to take it up significantly at the shoulders, and scoop the front neckline down so I can breathe! Fit-wise, it definitely would have been better to raise the armscye before cutting my fabric.

Did you notice my neon piping? It’s picot elastic from L’Oiseau Fabrics. I did a post back in 2014 about how to use elastic as flat piping, and I really should have reread that article, because I did it much more neatly then than I did this time! I accidentally stretched the piping along the centre front panel, and as you can see above my stitching is meandering and sometimes the picots show! And I’m here to say, #sorrynotsorry. Who cares?

Jalie Palm Maxi Dress

Did you notice my beautiful necklace and earrings? They are a handmade gift from Sarah when we met at Hamilton Frocktails. She was the first sewing blogger I met back in 2012, and she is a treasure.

Jalie Palm Maxi Dress

Now in case you are keeping track, YES, this is my third dress in a row with ruffles. I’m pretty sure I’m not done yet, so buckle up! I really like wearing this dress, and now that summer vacation is upon us, I’ll happily wear maxi dresses every day!

10 thoughts on “Jalie Nikita Workout Tank as Maxi Dress!

    1. Hahahaha – you mean use the elastic the way it’s supposed to be used???? I really should have, probably. I just wanted the most contrast possible!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love it! The neon piping is a bit of a gem as well as the gorgeous fabric! I have wallpaper in my house almost the same print – so I must love big green leaves – maybe I should make one so I could camouflage myself and jump out on visitors! he he he!


    1. YES YOU SHOULD! Did you see the Blackbird Fabrics wallpaper and matching clothes made by Spooflower? That’s #lifegoals, right there!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this pattern. Too bad about the arm holes – maybe if they had a workout version and another version. The dress is beautiful!


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