Me-Made May 2019, Week 3: Jumpsuits!

Week 1 was pants, Week 2 was dresses… and now we are on to Week 3: Jumpsuits!

jumpsuit week

I have 4 jumpsuits, and I thought about making more or wearing them twice to be able to do a full week… but the perfect jumpsuit plan didn’t spring to mind, and I decided just to have a short week and move on to maxis. After all, I like a jumpsuit, but I think 4 is enough!


May 16th: Closet Case Sallie jumpsuit in rayon knit, and a RTW cardigan. This pattern was so ahead of it’s time! I can’t figure out exactly when it was released, but they reshot their photos in 2017, so it must have been at least 2015, perhaps? Friends, do not sleep on this pattern! The v-neck tee version is the most famous, and I feel glamorous in both my versions… I’ve also made the tie-shoulder tank version for a friend, and it was great too! There’s a maxi skirt option too. Proof you don’t always need a new pattern to be on trend!


May 17th: Another Sallie! I made this one in 2016, and it’s still a banger. It fits more snuggly now, which is proof the fit is quite forgiving! (My measurements are all at least 2″ larger now than then. This one is in a thin rayon. Here’s my top tip on jumpsuit fit – if the rise ends up being too short, just scoop the crotch curve down an inch or so, and you’ll create more space! #themoreyourknow


May 19th: Closet Case Pattern Amy jumpsuit, sewn in ITY! This is my ultimate summer weekend outfit. I made the neckline facing into a shelf bra, and dang it’s comfy! Like all of my jumpsuits, it’s very easy to get in and out of, which is my personal criteria.


May 21st: Saving the best for last! I really love this Paper Theory jumpsuit that I made for the Sewcialists Mini-Challenge in March. The Liverpool crepe double knit is perfect for this pattern, and I’ve enjoyed each time I wear it!

And that’s it! I’m on to maxi dresses now, which may be my all time favourite genre of clothing! I’m so happy that sewing allows me to make things that fit my vertical measurements as well as my horizontal. If you are short like me (or very tall), I’m sure you’ll agree!

8 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2019, Week 3: Jumpsuits!

    1. I promise, all of these can come off faster than it takes to undo a button fly! (Not sure that’s the best example, cause I’ve always avoided button flies, but whatever!) Unless you get cold and put a sweater or cardigan on… that throws off the quick access!

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  1. Gillian you are such a star. Your photos are fantastic – back front and details – who could want more:):) I love your jumpsuits on you and being short myself and a bit on the fence about whether I can pull them off I so appreciate you providing this information. I read your blog all the time but don’t comment often. Sometimes my iPad doesn’t let me comment (those damn spinning wheel things just keep going forever) and I wonder if this happens to others as well. There seems to be a lot of conversations out there about whether blogs are still a ‘thing’. I look at Instagram as well but blogs, especially great ones like yours, are my go to place for details and inspiration.


    1. Aw, thank you so much! I love blogs too, obviously – it’s those details like photos from all angles and the option to google reviews that makes a blog review so different than an Instagram post for me!


  2. Love the jump suits, especially the black and white and the real blue with Rose’s. Look so comfortable and eady to wear. As as always you fit your clothes so well.


    1. Thank you! I definitely don’t think I’d be wearing jumpsuits if I had to shop for them in RTW! 😉


      1. My android phone hates me and I should learn to proof read. I meant to say the teal jumpsuit with the Rose’s not real jump suit. Either way you always look vivacious and put together. Love that you just attack a pattern and make it yours!


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