Me-Made May 2019, Week 2: Dresses!

Week 2 Dresses

After wearing pants all of the first week, this week my Me-Made May theme was dresses! And somehow, despite a wardrobe FULL of dresses (easily enough for a whole month) I made three new ones!


May 8th: A new dress! This is hack of my TNT Comino Cap dress, inspired by a friend’s dress on Instagram and a picture I’d pinned last year. I struggle more with anxiety and depression since my concussion, and this was a project that help put me in a better headspace when I was down. And of course, I wore it right away even though maxi dresses will get their own week at the end of the month.


9: I’ve been enjoying this Cashmerette dress with leggings and now with bare legs. The sweater is one of my all time favs, hacked from a Concord tee.


10: More Cashmerette! This Appleton is a few years old but still a goodie! Every time I wear it I think, “I need to make more of these!”


12: One of my first Burda dresses from last year, and a hot pink coatigan from 2015! This was Mother’s Day and it was a lot colder than it looks.


14: Look, I got dressed on the 13th but had a panic attack and went back to bed. So here we are at the 14th! Here’s another example of sewing myself happy – I bought this fabric (and the next one) on the weekend and sewed it up right away! This is a Cashmerette Montrose, and I’ll blog it in full soon!


15: I love pink! There needs to be more hot pink fabric in my life! This is a Groove dress with some hacks. I felt so happy all day in this dress!

So what have I learned from Dress Week? Mostly that it’s too cold for dresses. Also that I need to dig out all my legging shorts for wearing underneath. And… that’s about it!

I cannot believe we are halfway through the month! This week I’m wearing jumpsuits, and (you guessed it!) it’s pretty cold for jumpsuits. Come on, spring!

5 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2019, Week 2: Dresses!

  1. I’m sorry that you are struggling with your health. I wanted to let you know that your blog brings happiness to the sewing community! Your analytical style and bright colors are a great combination and I am regularly inspired by your posts. Thank you.


  2. Everything is so pretty! It’s been cold here too – and I live in a typically warm climate! Also, I hope you are feeling better soon. It sucks that the concussion is still causing you issues. I also struggled with anxiety and depression quite a bit when I was in grad school – it took me a long time to come to terms with that fact, and an even longer time to begin to feel better. It can still be a struggle sometimes, but finding things that keep you going (like sewing and the sewing community!) can be really great. It’s rough, but you aren’t alone, and you have a whole community of sewing friends who will definitely support you.


  3. Absolutely love the pink dress- is there any chance you could post the hacks you did- it looks so much better than the basic “groove dress” ! The gathered necklinem belt and ruffle suit you really well!


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