Me-Made May 2019, Week 1: Pants!

Pants Week 1

Welcome to pants week! Where I wear a lot of Closet Case Patterns and realise what I’ve outgrown…


1: Ginger Jeans, swingy tank, and 3’s A Charm jacket. I have to cut the pocket stay out of these jeans to give myself some room, but really, there’s a reason I’ve stopped wearing all my me-made jeans. I’ve gained one inch too many, and they aren’t that comfy any more. Also, RTW jeans offer stretchier fabric and a snugger fit than I can get with Cone Mills or a stiff denim, so… yeah. I won’t be rushing to sew another pair any time soon.


2: Closet Case Pattern Jenny pants and Workhorse Pattern Ione top. My new favourite outfit! I’d been looking forward to wearing this one, and it didn’t disappoint.


3: Closet Case Pattern Ebony sweater and Sasha pants. With totally blurry photos and yeah whatever, who cares!


5: Modified Suki robe, a new Hey June Durango tank, and Espresso leggings, because dammit, on the weekend leggings are pants! Met a local sewist, had a long nap, and life was good.


6: My Sewcialists tee, Jenny pants in rayon challis, and a me-made cardigan. This is a lot of volume, but I felt good in it. I’m ready for a new era!


7: Hey June Santa Fe tank and more <a href=”http://<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”; title=”7″><img src=”; width=”1600″ height=”1600″ alt=”7″></a><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″>Sasha pants! And a RTW denim jacket that I altered and put patches on. I feel like they describe me pretty well: “Feminist”, “Be a good human”, “Indoor cat” and a yawning kitty. You know, social justice and cats!

If you were keeping track, you’ll see that my entire pants wardrobe consists of Closet Case Patterns! Two Jennys, two Sashas, and a pair of Gingers. Of the three, I’ve made the most Gingers by far… but my current favourite is the Jennys. I like how they work in denim and in challis, which is quite a range, and they fit into my new love of boxy volume-on-volume outfits!

Next up is a week of dresses – easy peasy! I ran low on trouser options but I could wear dresses for a month. How’s your Me-Made May going? Are you having fun or totally overwhelmed by the onslaught of MMMay posts on social media?

9 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2019, Week 1: Pants!

  1. Great roundup! I definitely prefer stretchier denim’s as well (especially right now 😂) the fabric shop where I teach just got in some super-stretchy Robert Kauffman denim treat I’m excited to try…)


  2. I am coming to the same conclusion on the Cone Mills denim. I love the Jalie 2908 jeans pattern, but finding sufficiently stretchy denim can be tough. (The Kaufman is the major option, it seems.)
    Not finding mmm too overwhelming, but I take it easy, and enjoy what everyone else is posting.


    1. I wonder if Cone Mills became popular just before the super stretchy RTW jeans came out? I wonder when the fabric industry will catch up?


  3. I kinda don’t get the hype around Cone Mills? I bought ten yards when the North Carolina mill closed, & I’ve made a few pairs of jeans with it. They’re fine, I wear them. But my favorite jeans were sewn up in some cheap Robert Kaufman denim I got from They’re my favorite because the fabric is more versatile & pleasant to wear. (No shade on Robert Kaufman fabrics either, they tend to be pretty good quality at quite a reasonable price point.)

    This is the first time I’ve really enjoyed MMM sinc I started participating in 2014. Ironically, it’s also the first year I didn’t officially sign up, because I have found it to be such a drag in years prior. I think it’s a combo of having an out-of-the-house sewing studio, so I actually do have to get dressed everyday for my own purposes everyday& not just for the sake of some dumb internet challenge, & also because I’ve finally figured out my selfie game, kinda. Because I’m enjoying it more, I’m enjoying other people’s posts more too. I’ve even spotted a few new-to-me patterns I’d like to try!


  4. I have practically all tops…and skirts. Some skirts are refashions but I am definitely counting those and seeing (like the last several years) that I really need to make pants/trousers/culottes/capris/shorts etc. anything for the bottom half! And that I wear a ton of cardigans and dresses; but most of them are RTW, a few are handmade and thrifted into my wardrobe but really…why have I not made these things!?


    1. Me Made May is always such an interesting time to step back and notice patterns in what you make! But when it comes down to it, it’s a hobby, so i think it’s important to sit down and make what you love to sew, and thrift/refashion/buy the rest! 😉


  5. I have been so totally swamped this month and have absolutely failed on the MMM front… May is always the busiest work month for me and social media-ing just tends to fall to the wayside. But I am very much enjoying seeing everyone else participate! These outfits all look so fabulous – I’m so enjoying everyone who is doing theme weeks!


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