MMMay 2019 Plans

It’s my 8th year taking part in Me-Made May, and I’m still so excited every time it rolls around!

I like to have some structure in my MMMay pledge, so here’s what I’ve decided on this year:

May always starts off cold in Canada, but it’s summer weather by the end, so I’m starting with pants and ending with maxis!

Real Life Truth Talk:

  • Realistically I wear pyjamas most of the time on weekends, so I’ll promise at least 5 outfits a week and aim for 6, but probably never 7!
  • For pants week, my goal is to actually get back to sewing pants, and thing about what styles I like to wear beyond RTW skinny jeans all winter long
  • In Dress and Maxi weeks, I want to wear my favourite things and feel like a badass every day
  • Jumpsuit Week is a wildcard – how many jumpsuits does a girl need? I already have 4. But what about a romper? Or a faux-jumpsuit? There’s only one way to find out!
  • I like having a record of my style year by year, so I’ll be taking pictures on the porch just like last year!

Are you taking part in MMMay this year? How do you keep your pledge fresh?

17 thoughts on “MMMay 2019 Plans

  1. This looks like so much fun! I remember one time I tried to do a “70s week” where I wore all the stuff I’ve made from 70s patterns but the weather didn’t quite cooperate. And last year of course i wore only Fabricland projects. This year I’m going to do the old “what is my style, ACTUALLY,” thing, which is a bit navel-gazing but oh well. 😂


    1. I’m looking forward to seeing how your month goes! I bet it’s odd now that you aren’t making store projects to try to figure out exactly what you want to sew and wear.

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  2. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Honestly – I do not know how you have 4 jumpsuits 🙂 I lived through the 80s – like as a high-schooler – and even I only had 1 jumpsuit. Mind you, I went to a school with a uniform – which is what I wore 5 days out of 7.


    1. I honestly don’t know how it happened! Two are Closet Case Pattern Sallies… one is my tester version of the CCP Amy jumpsuit… and one is my new Paper Theory! I think jumpsuits have to be the ultimate “better to sew than to buy” item, cause you can get the width and length just right in each part of the body!


  3. I love this idea of breaking it down to weeks. There a many holes I need to fill in my wardrobe. I get to distracted by new fabric. Lol. Maybe this is something I can do !


  4. I love that you’re doing theme weeks this year! As much as it pains me, especially with it being the 10th anniversary, I think I’m going to sit out this year. I have so few seasonally appropriate me made maternity clothes, and I’m pretty sure my main takeaway would be that I’ll be glad to be done with them for good. 😂 But I may occasionally jump in with a maternity styling post on IG, if I’m feeling inspired.


    1. Jess has started a new hashtag this year #memademay2019plus , which makes me think it would be fun to also have a #memademay2019maternity ! 😁 but on the other hand, id just sit out if I was you and had so much on my plate!


  5. This would be my 6th year – but I am feeling unmotivated! I am at the point that most of my clothes are me made, I haven’t really played around with different styles…. BUT I don’t want to be left out! I love your structured idea…. hmmmm food for thought!!!!!


    1. I SWEAR I replied… but it doesn’t look like I did! How about doing a focus on different types of fabrics, or trying a 10×10 capsule wardrobe or something? I find having an interesting rule helps me see my every day clothes in a new way!


      1. Thanks Gillian! I may jump in later or post occasional photos but for now I am admiring from the sidelines!


        1. I’d love to see what you come up with! 😉 If you are going travelling for parts of the month, then maybe pledge to do 4-8 great Kibbe looks during the whole month, so you have flexibility?

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  6. Love how organized you are! I’m not doing MMM because of a lack of good selfie set up (that, and most of my clothes are me made, so it’s not a real challenge), but your week-by-week plan is awesome. Looking forward to all the photos!


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