Workhorse Patterns Ione Top!

I am so excited that my dear friend and Sewcialists Editor Becky has released her first pattern, the Ione Shirt from Workhorse Patterns! I’m proud to have been a tester and a model for the pattern.

Workhorse Ione

When we “hire” for Sewcialists Editors, we are always looking for people who are “movers and shakers”, someone who is going somewhere with something to say. Becky is the perfect example of that – she is driven, passionate about inclusion, and tirelessly hardworking. She does a huge part of the work behind the scenes at Sewcialists, and you see all those skills come to play in her own pattern line as well!

Ione is a boxy woven top with three neckline options and a high/low hem. (But you could also sew the dipped hem in front and back, like Becky did in the sample modelled by her daughter!) It is based on two blocks, and runs size 0-32! You chose your size based on the finished measurements, so that you can either go super voluminous or more fitted. I debated between size 16 and 18, but went with size 18 for extra drama!

Here’s my original version as a pattern tester:

Workhorse Ione

Damn, that square neck is pretty, isn’t it? I really need to sew myself more things with that neckline! This version is sewn in a crisp light cotton. The yoke is self-lined and finished beautifully with the burrito method. So satisfying!

Workhorse Ione

For my second version, I used a lightweight rayon. I chose the round neck, because I was short on yardage and wanted to finish the neckline with bias tape.

And hello, did you see the cute cat print? Meow!

Workhorse Ione

I don’t wear cropped boxy tops very often… but I have to say, I feel sexy when I do! There’s something about the boxy top/high-waisted tight bottom that really makes me feel like my curves are powerful. Why is that? I don’t know, but it’s a fun change from my usual style!

Now you might be wondering, “Um, Gillian, what’s with the indoor photos?” I KNOW! Something new and different, right? Becky had taken beautiful pensive product photos, and I was trying to match her aesthetic! It was so odd trying to figure out my settings for indoor, so of course I hopped outside too.

Workhorse Ione

Ahhh, that’s more like me!

There’s a sale on the pattern right now – use code IONE2019 for 20% off until Feb. 15th, 2019! I’m obviously totally biased, but I LOVE seeing new companies start with an inclusive size range! Becky had a ton of testers (like, over 50!) of all shapes, sizes and ages, so follow Workhorse Patterns on Instagram if you want to see how it might look on you! Personally, I’m thinking a chunky knit version could be really cute layered in winter… or lengthened into a belted tunic or dress!

19 thoughts on “Workhorse Patterns Ione Top!

  1. It looks good on you- I think it’s too boxy for my tastes though. I’ve found that mixing woven yoke with knit body makes this sort of shape work better on me, and I have several Style Arc patterns that offer this option. Big sleeves don’t work for me either, as I have no body shaping at the waist, so baggy sleeves swamp me. We all need to know what works for us though! I love square necklines too, they elongate the neck


    1. I’m creating a hack that is 30% this sort of top on top, with a knit bottom… it’s hard to explain. I used to have a RTW top that was this poly satin boxy-kimono sleeve up top, but just under the bust, it was a more clingy knit…it always made me look and feel much more put together for the office than I really was…it was like the perfect Monday shirt to go with a pencil skirt. A bit blouson over the “girls” and accentuating the waist. I’ll also show tapering down the sleeve. The pattern sleeve as-is is soooo Bananarama.

      The hack will work on any top like this…so I’m not making it just to sell patterns. I’m not a pattern purist – I believe in hacking the sh*t out of the patterns you have and being economical with patterns & fabric. Anyway- my point is, maybe you’d dig that instead? I’ll try to get it up by end of week. 😀

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        1. This is why I love sewing – everyone gets to have their own take on things! Personally, I’ve never understood wovens combined with knits – my brain just says, “Make it all a knit!” But then, that’s my wardrobe philosophy in a nutshell… 😉

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          1. LOL I love my mix ups- comfort and stretch over the boobs, looser funky prints over the belly plus no cling. Sorted! It’s also great way to be able to have a top made from a pricey quirky print without breaking the bank! Check out Style Arc Dixie, Annika, Avery…loads more


  2. That’s really cute! And it looks like a good blank canvas pattern for a lot of things. I got a book on block printing for Christmas and would like to play around with that when life lets me, and I can see this being a good pattern for it since there’s minimal seaming and no darts. Thanks for the heads up!


    1. Ooh yes, it would be good for that! Also nice because it’s a good scrapbuster – lots of options to combine different leftovers for the yoke and sleeves ! (LOL – I”m picturing you letting the kids decorate fabric that will become the sleeve bands while you do a nice block print on the bodice! Even my brain can see it would be chaos and a disaster to let them near permanent inks, but it still sounds fun!)

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    1. I used to buy every cat print I saw… and then fabric companies got wise and started making more and more cat prints! I still buy a lot though! 😉


  3. OMG – curves are powerful! And the cat print blew my mind when first I saw it (and I’m not even a cat-print person, generally). Amazing top. Well done Becky!


    1. It’s really fun seeing people with different skill sets and brain types than mine just run wild with their abilities! I’m really proud of Becky for jumping in and doing this!


    1. I *may* have started an extensive search for knit tops or dresses with square necklines that aren’t so wide they will gape everytime I lean forward… 🙂

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