Let’s get back to SEWING!

Oh my gosh, folks, it’s been far too long since I shared about a new sewing project! And while these two projects were actually sewn before my concussion, I’m finally in good enough shape to share! 

Up first are two projects that I sewed and blogged for Cali Fabrics. I get an allowance for fabric from them a few times a year, and I *love* spending a few days dreaming of all the options! I don’t buy online often any more because the shipping and customs is so expensive, but I do love getting my hands on fabrics that are hard to find locally in Canada. 

AKA. Nice striped ponte! 

Cali Ponte Stripe Nettie dress

This is a Closet Case Pattern Nettie, which is one of my Top 5 Hit patterns from the year. I think everyone should have some kind of basic knit dress pattern, and this has become mine! This is a total knockoff of a dress I’ve had pinned for years on my “Playing With Stripes” Pinterest board…

Cali Ponte Stripe Nettie dress

…and I’m really happy with how it turned out? Who the hell started that myth that horizontal stripes are flattering? I feel sassy in this dress. It’s my take on fun business wear – in fact, I’d worn it for a meeting the day I got rear-ended! 

Cali Ponte Stripe Nettie dress

This dress is all about that stripe-blocking… and you can read me brag more about doing without pins on the Cali Fabrics Blog! (Ok, it’s laziness, not skill, I admit!) 

Helen's Stripe version

More Cali ponte stripes! This started life as a Helen’s Closet Elliot sweater with a high-low hem and a big funnel neck. I thought it was going to look French and chic, but it was just too stiff and too much. I brought in the raglan sleeves and changed it to a short notched hem, and of course, added a flower! 

Helen's Stripe version

The flower is a cut-out from some Japanese fabric, and I like how it breaks up the print and adds some focus. So far it has washed and worn nicely! I sewed this at the same time I was playing with Gamine style, and it definitely puts a spring in my step! 

Helen's Stripe version

I’ve started easing back to work, and I should be in good shape to do some sewing over the winter holidays. I can’t wait to get back to blogging as normal! 

16 thoughts on “Let’s get back to SEWING!

  1. Thèse both look fabulous and I love how the little touches—the flower and the unexpected stripe direction—bring them to a whole new level. But the best thing is that you’re finally starting to feel better!!!!


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