My #SewingTop5 Fails of 2018!

Are you ready to read about what never got worn? Or never even made it to the blog? It’s time to tell all! 

I spent a long time playing with the fit on my Closet Case Patterns Sasha trousers, but I never once wore this pair. Brown is just not my colour! I did wear my colourful pairs though. 

My attempt to sew a Simplicity pattern left me frustrated with the sizing… and the plunging neckline requires a cami which throws the whole thing off for me. Not to fear, though – I found some scraps, so next summer I’ll fill in the neckline a bit and see how I like it! 

I really liked this SBCC Flora dress when I made it… but once fall rolled around, I realised it is SHORT! I’ve tried it on with leggings but it doesn’t feel right… so it might just become a t-shirt at some point. I’m not loving drapey styles like this or my Ebony dresses the way I used to, so that might be part of the issue. 

This one breaks my heart! I love this scuba cocoon dress, but I wore it for a long day of walking around with my pale pink Berlin coat over top, and now the scuba is badly pilled! I don’t know if it’s the wool fibres getting into the scuba, or the scuba balling up, but it’s basically unwearable. Boohoo! 

But truly, the biggest fail of my year was…

getting a concussion and missing 2 months or work and sewing! SERIOUSLY! Who know being rear-ended could mess up so much for so long. I am very, very grateful for all the support, advice and pep talks you have all given me online during my recovery. It’s made sitting at home all day feel much less lonely! I’m starting to recover now, so fingers crossed I’m back to normal life soon! 

What were your big misses this year? Any really hilarious big ones, or just little learning opportunities along the way? I’ve got to remember to take more pictures of my fugtastic muslins when I sew, because most of my ugliest sewing never makes it to the blog! 

6 thoughts on “My #SewingTop5 Fails of 2018!

  1. Great idea for a blog post! I think we’ve all got a few things that hang in the closet unworn. That pilled scuba is probably a huge disappointment. I have a triple crepe dress that pilled on the side where a crummy burlap tote rubbed up against it. I still wear it but am angry every time I see the pilling. Can you still wear your dress?

    Hope you are feeling fully well after your concussion.


  2. I used to look back about once a quarter and document if/why something didn’t work. It really does help to reflect, especially in the case of say, the drapey dresses that you realize aren’t matching your current style right now.

    Glad you’re on the mend!!!


  3. I almost never comment myself but love to receive your blog in my email. Thank you for telling us what happened. I put some of my rather pagan prayers out into the stratosphere for you back then and more now. I hope you are feeling much much better and that all of the love we are sending you from around the world is helping to keep you warm and cuddled.


  4. I wear a lot of wool in the winter and whenever there is pilling I shave it off! With a normal disposable razor. I don´t know if it is a good idea for scubba too, but maybe you want to try it? It´s such a lovely dress, you should wear it a lot!
    Hoping you get better soon!


  5. The scuba dress is such a shame because it looks wonderful on you. I’ll admit this is usually my favourite list out of the five topics to read because sewing failures are often as interesting as the successes and most of us tend not to blog about them.

    So glad to hear you’re on the mend at last.


  6. Glad to hear you are on the mend, and also that you have some scraps of the Simplicity dress – I really dig that fabric! My sewing flops for this year were style related. I made a sundress in a style that I used to love, and never wore it, and another top in a pattern that I was really looking forward to, that was just not me. And I lost my first half of the year’s list when switching to a new phone, so there could well have been more!


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