Resharing my most popular post ever!


Back in 2015, I posted a quick tutorial for folded fabric star ornaments… and somehow that has become my most popular post ever! It’s had 50 000 views overall, and I can always tell Christmas is coming when it starts getting popular again! (Just the other day is had 4000 views – tis the season!)

Can I tell you something odd? When the post first got popular, I actually unpublished it! I was so thrown off that all these non-garment sewists were coming to my blog, and it felt like I was being spammed! Truly, if you ever wondered if I have ANY business sense, no, I don’t! A smart person would have put some affiliated links in there, but that’s just not my style.


The post itself is entirely based on a Danish tutorial that I’d found through Pinterest, so please do check out the original!

I do love these ornaments, and they fit in perfectly with the Sewcialists’ Sustainable sewing theme this month. Since I’m still at home recovering from my concussion, I thought I might work on making some more of these ornaments as gifts. No sewing or fancy hand-stitching is required, so they are a perfect low–key project!

If you’d like to craft along with me, here’s a link to the tutorial.


6 thoughts on “Resharing my most popular post ever!

  1. Thank you so much for the star tutorial–I’ll add it to my list of ” shall I make this or this or that?”
    I’m sending you healing thoughts–you are the second textile person online I’ve encountered who has/had a concussion. It sounds like you’re being a good patient–keep it up!

    (I do follow the SF Giants and worry about the concussions that happen to players now and then. Not too often, thankfully.)


  2. This is so interesting. In truth – while these are gorgeous, I do not remember this post?! So it’s very smart to repost it! FYI – a propos of our discussion today about felting, there are a zillion versions of adorable ornaments – Santas, sheep, snowmen and the list goes on. I’m not the most Xmas-forward of people, but I love it when people gift ornaments they’ve made!


  3. Hi

    A little email from a danish follower.

    I was so happy to see your stars. Did you know, that here in Denmark almost everyone makes the stars as Christmas decorations? Only, we have one more folding, which make it 3 dimensional. Many people can fold the stars without looking at any kind of directions. I learned folding stars of polyband for gift wrapping when I was about 8 years old, and to me it’s not more complicated than binding the laces on my shoes -but it takes a bit longer. I think I have folded more than 1000 stars.

    Best regards Helle from Denmark

    Helle Rosager

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