It’s finally time! I proposed a #SewJanelleMonae tribute back in April… knew what I was making by June… sewed it in July and August… and here we are, with the finished look in September! If you still have plans to make your own Janelle-inspired project, don’t worry – there are no rules around this and definitely no deadline!

Why Janelle Monae? Well, she is smart, political, outspoken, talented, and stylish as hell! I love her menswear inspired looks, her use of graphic black and white with strong pops of red and pink. I also really like her newest album, and have listened to it on repeat all summer! (For some of my favourite songs and more examples of her style, check out my original post.)

I’m one of those people that can sing along to a song for years without know what it’s about – I just don’t notice lyrics! So the fact that certain Janelle Lyrics stick with me is pretty notable. For this post, I thought I’d let my favoruite lyrics guide your through this particular project!

Double Leopard

“It’s like I’m powerful with a little bit of tender…”

Like it or not, in our society, menswear and suits in particular represent power. I made a 3’s A Charm jacket and Jenny shorts as a play on a suit – but I love that both pieces respect and flatter my curves!

Double Leopard

Black and white, yeah that’s always been my camo 

This outfit is really all about the fabric, right? It’s a really fabulous stretch twill from Husdon Jeans that is carried at Cali Fabrics – and they have 12 yards in stock! The fabric is divided along the yardage, so half is the larger leopard print and half is the smaller. It’s a great quality twill – I’ve worn the shorts a bunch and they don’t stretch out! Seriously, if you are at all into this fabric, just go buy it now, and thank me later!

(Yes, this fabric was sent to me as a Cali Fabrics blogger, but you know I’m always honest!) 

Double Leopard

I used the larger print on the shorts and jacket facings, and the smaller print on the outer jacket. It’s till too hot for layering, but I’m really hoping that jacket becomes a workhorse this fall and winter! The stretch makes it really comfy, and the 12 darts make this a curvy girl’s dream!

Double Leopard

“Pink is my favourite part”

What could I wear with leopard suit except pink??? I pulled out this layered swing tank I made in 2015, and turns out it’s great for tucking in! I also had fun going all-out pink with my makeup – thanks for helping me chose which look to do on Instagram!

Double Leopard

This is my version of the famous vagina-pants dance moves from the Pynk video – if you don’t know what I mean, you can see the original in my Janelle Monae graphic at the top of the post. The things I do in public for my blog!

Double Leopard

‘Cause boy it’s cool if you got blue 
We got the pink”

In summary, here’s why this outfit brings me joy:

  • It’s outside my comfort zone, but makes me feel like a badasss.
  • It’s mixing masculine shapes and feminine colours.
  • I can wear the pieces separately, but I secretly know they are part of a fabulous outfit.
  • It’s comfy as hell, and uses TNT patterns.
  • Mostly, it makes me smile and strut when I wear it!

What’s the last thing you sewed that made you feel like a boss? Do you have a shape, style or colour that makes you feel like you own the world? Share, please!


11 thoughts on “#SewJanelleMonae

  1. I like Monet’s style. I was thinking now after reading this, do my outfits make me feel “Boss”?? Hmm, I think its been years since an outfit did. I think I need to make something that makes me want to “own it”. Thanx for the incentive! I love everything about your outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Proof that you can look badass and cute at the same time! LOVE the Janelle vibe!!!!

    I’m with Eliz. This is incentive to make the things that make me feel ‘Boss’!

    The colours, the leopard print, the silhouette…you nailed it girl!


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