SBCC Flora Dress

First, this pattern is a blouse… and second, it is primarily aimed at wovens! But they list knits as an option in the instructions, so of course you know that is what I used!

Flora Dress SBCC

This is the new Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Flora, and I made three in the week since it was released! I’ve avoided SBCC patterns because I don’t love the name… but they do draft for petite and petite plus figures, so at 5’2″, I fit perfectly into their demographic. I sewed my friend Kristin their free Tonic tee recently, and it fit her petite frame beautifully… and I’ve been eying the Rickey Jacket, so I figured Flora was a good experiment to see how I liked their patterns myself.

You can see the pattern design lines best in my first muslin, which I sewed up in a rayon knit. I didn’t have quite enough, so it’s an inch or two shorter than drafted. Basically, it’s a big wide scoop neckline, which is gathered with elastic. There are instructions for a casing, but also for the method I used: stretching elastic and sewing it on, then folding it inside and topstitching. I used fold-over elastic for all three versions, and it was really easy.

Flora Dress SBCC

You could in theory make the neckline looser and wear it off the shoulder, but… I hate fussy necklines. As is, this sits nicely in place and basically give the same neckline and sleeve shape as my beloved Comino Cap dress.

Flora Dress SBCC

I added a belt and belt loops to this version. The fabric is from years ago, and I also sewed it up in another colourway here

Shall we talk sizing? According to the size chart, I’m an XL bust and 1X waist and hips. I sewed a straight size 1X for my muslin, and it fit nicely as a top… but I thought maybe I’d want more volume in a dress, so I taped the cut-off bits of the pattern together and sized up to a 3x. Guess what? Too big. I took it in to back to the 1x size, and I love it. Version 3 (polka dots, which you’ll see below) is a 1x and it fits perfectly. In other words – trust the size chart! The sizes range from XXS-3X/00-28, which is nice and inclusive.


The fabric reminds me of a length of kimono silk that I bought in Japan, which I refer to in my head as The Most Beautiful Fabric In The World. (The capitalization is necessary!) It’s a beautiful mix of red, yellow and sky blue, which as it happens, is also the colours of my bedroom in highschool!

Speaking of great prints…

Version 3 is a recreation of a dress I bought in Japan! I have a clear memory of trying it on with my mom and agreeing that anything for shapeless must need a belt! Flash forward 8 years, and I just passed it on to her because it’s too small for me… and now we both agree it’s relatively slim cut compared to other things we now wear! Fun to see fashion changing! I’ll take a picture of my new dress with the original some time – they are really very similar.

The dot print is from Micheal Levine/Low Price Fabric, and you can find it here! Micheal Levine has the best selection of over the top ITY prints, if that is your thing. (It is definitely mine!)

Flora Dress SBCC

It’s been a while since I bought a pattern on impulse and made so many so quickly… but it’s *so* fast to sew, and fun to wear! If you like this silhouette, I’m sure there are other patterns to get a similar look… or the Scroop Henrietta Maria is a more detailed take. However, if you want a fun and easy dress/top pattern in your stash, I definitely suggest the Flora!

Have you sewn any SBCC patterns before? I’d be interested in your experience with them! So far, I think I’m a fan!

17 thoughts on “SBCC Flora Dress

  1. The colors of the dress that was a 3x are so gorgeous- I looked for it at 😊 (Unsuccessfully!). I have looked at SBCC patterns, being 5’2″ as well, but haven’t tried any. Those dresses will be perfect for school!


  2. These all look great! I’m glad to hear the sizing issue wasn’t a pattern issue. 😂 I haven’t been drawn to SBCC because I’m neither petite (except for my back length) nor curvy, but it looks like you had a lot of fun and got a great fit, which is awesome!


    1. I do think it’s ironic that I justified buying this pattern as “trying out the line” when clearly this has no shaping whatsoever and is in no real way “petite”! But it’s cute, dammit, and I like it! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, i would think there would be a certain amount of “petiteness” in the depth of the armscye—that’s certainly something I’ve had end up too low on patterns like this. Though at least in this kind of style it’s easy to fix on the fly! 😂


  3. I know what you mean about being put off of good patterns by the company name; I have avoided “Patterns for Pirates” and “Made for Mermaids” because they sound so childish and kid-centric. And of course, the pattern lines were originally for children – hence the names – but the designers have branched over to adult patterns with much success. As much as I hate the concept of “branding”, it really is an important consideration!

    And I came SO close to impulse-buying the Flora pattern, but successfully talked myself out of it by thinking about all of the peasant-style neckline top patterns I already have in my excessively large pattern collection. 😉

    – Julia


    1. You are spot on about those pattern lines! They are really popular but haven’t caught on with the blog circles I tend to read… the name might be part of why! (I did sew one patterns for pirates pattern, and couldn’t handle the photographs instead of line drawings in the instructions, and didn’t love the drafting…) I hope you do sew up something fun with your peasant top patterns! 🙂


  4. You always find great fabric! Loving the colours on the first dress. The dotted fabric is a bit Bridget Riley.

    I agree about SBCC’s name…it makes me slightly uncomfortable.


  5. The scoop neckline and cap sleeves look lovely on you! I tried the Tonic Tee as well in a search for a TNT tee. I am 5’7″ with broad shoulders, so you can imagine how well it fit! I did like the neckline, however, and have grafted the neckline onto the TNT I did find: the Sewaholic Renfrew with a broad shoulder adjustment.


  6. I keep seeing these beautiful ITY prints and haven’t bought any yet for fear they might be hot to wear? I’m of an age where I get hot easily. Do you find these at all warm when the weather is hot?


  7. Oh man, I’m so with you on the name. I’m pretty petite and when I read the name, my nose involuntarily wrinkled. I think it’s from years of hearing the “real women have curves” statement bandied about, and then feeling like that means people don’t think I’m a real woman? I’m not sure if I’ll ever try one of their patterns, but this flora looks BEATIFUL on you!!!


  8. Love that bold print dress on you!
    I really like sbcc Vesper dress. It’s not
    Super bra-friendly, but it’s one of those effortless chique shapes. I love it in a rayon jersey for Summer!


  9. I love the SBCC patterns – I’ve tried most of them at this point and a few are TNTs. I particularly love the Bronx dress, the Pinot pants and the tieless version of the mimosa!


  10. Wow Gillian, these are some very cute and comfy looking dresses! And your top is gorgeous! I am right there with you on the company name…in this day where we are working hard on cleaning up how women are viewed and treated, the name seems to contradict what we stand for or against! Anyway, it doesn’t take away from your beautiful clothes!


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