Closet Case Jenny Culottes

I’m back with one (two) last variations on the theme of pull-on trousers! This time, I’m using the Closet Case Patterns Jenny overalls pattern to make flowy wide culottes.

Flowy Jenny Pants

On the left, a pair in rayon challis, and on the right, a pair in navy poly crepe! Both paired with Santa Fe tanks, because I’m not very original with my styling!

So, last post I explained how I made the Jenny pattern into pull-on shorts. Those were in a stretch twill, so I brought the side seams in during construction to be about a 16 in width. These pairs are non-stretch, so I sewed a true size 20. I skipped the darts in both pairs, and sewed something a few inches shorter than the cropped length as drafted.

Flowy Jenny Pants

The floral pair came first, and they are my favourite! The rayon challis works beautifully, and is so comfy to wear. Honestly, even better then shorts, because there is no riding up between the legs, and no chub rub at all. I felt really great all day while wearing this pair! (The fabric is from Fabricland, and I know plenty of Canadian bloggers who have also sewn with this print!)

Flowy Jenny Pants

For the waistband, I did the same techniques as on my shorts: serge on elastic to the top of the pants, and fold down. It works perfectly for the floral pair, but not as well on the navy pair…

Flowy Jenny Pants

…because the crepe is somehow less forgiving, and the crotch seam rides higher! I could use an inch more in rise both front and back so that the waist seam could sit a bit higher at my narrowest waist. The are fine and not uncomfortable, but just not quite perfect!

When sewn in drapey fabric, the Jenny pattern reminds me a lot of the Named Ninni culottes. I’ve admired that pattern on lots of people, like KatieMeg and Caroline! I’ve been wanting to try this style of pants for literally years now, so I’m happy that I finally have!

Flowy Jenny Pants

How about a little confession time? I sewed all three pairs of Jennys without an iron. (Almost – I did clean off my glue-covered iron in time to iron a hem for the crepe pair, because that fabric was SHIFTY!) As a result, my french seams are not impeccable. But hello, I did my first ever french seams on these culottes, so I’m going to bask in that glory anyway.

Shall we talk styling?

Flowy Jenny Pants

Tucked in is not my normal look, but I liked how it worked with the Jenny shorts, so I tried it again. Untucked, the black tunic-length Santa Fe looks quite Lagenlook to me… meaning I think it would look really chic (maybe with a long necklace) on someone like my mom, who has some great layered looks.

Flowy Jenny Pants

The second Santa Fe is a classic shirt length (refashion from this dress). Because the rise on these pants isn’t quite as high, the tucked-in version looks just a smidge awkward to me. Is the untucked version was an inch or two shorter, it might be perfect? I don’t think I’d get much wear out of a cropped tee or tank though, so I’m going to see how else I can style these with things from my wardrobe. Any suggestions?


Here’s the thought I’m going to leave you with:

Take a look at your pants patterns, and imagine what else they could become!  It’s really easy to turn most patterns into a pull-on style, just by adding ease or stretch, and your preferred elastic waist. Grab some cheap and cheerful fabric, and give it a try!

P.S. You haven’t seen a single blog picture of my this month where I am not literally dripping sweat down my face! I’ve been taking quite boring pictures as a result, because who wants to go to a park when just going to your porch results in a sweaty mess? Three cheers for practical, easy photos, and an eventual break in the heat! 

15 thoughts on “Closet Case Jenny Culottes

  1. I really love these, Gillian! I’ve been embracing the bigger pants silhouette too, and I made a couple of grainline penny raglans to go with them. I think the almost cropped length works really well and before I made them, my new pants had become wardrobe orphans! I find they work well with high waisted skinnies, too, so they have become my go-to t shirt this summer.


  2. Oh the floral pair are to die for!!! I love seeing the tucked in shirt vs un-tucked. I totally agree! Tucked in is better.

    Now I am going to try this- photograph me tucked and un-tucked.
    I just made myself 9 floral skirts and 9 floral wide leg pants. (odd but that’s how much fabric I had!!) I haven’t started tops yet. They will be solid color knits.
    Looking at your great photos I “see” my new theory- solid colors for tops, prints for skirts/pants, is what I love!!
    Wonderful post Thank You!!


  3. When I made pants with this general shape I found that I needed a shorter more form fitting too to go with them as I usually have a more fitted bottom and loose top.I like the pants but it’s hard to style them!


  4. I’ve been making Winslow culottes with the elasticatec hack and loving these with an Ogden Cami on top, or my Rosy Pena wrap tops.


  5. For the navy pair, could you try a fitted chambray button-down shirt tied at the waist? I feel like the proportions are better with a top that stops at the waist, instead of the untucked top.

    Loving your eleastic waist hack, I’m going to make a pair of Megan Nielsen Tania culottes soon and I’ll have to try this out!


  6. I am loving your blog posts. Just recently found them. Inspiring, informative and encouraging. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I love your tucked in look. Really has me thinking. After many years of being a petite size 6, I now find myself in my senior years, a totally different shape with a tummy and butt. So having just decided to go back to sewing garments for myself, I need to learn pattern fitting. That’s a bit of new challenge and your blog is just great for the encouragement I need. Thx again.


  7. Love the new pants! Know what you mean about suitable tops, though. I made a selection that were almost cropped, (they probably finish around mid-way between waist and crotch) and feel they work well as I’m short waisted and NEVER tuck anything in. Maybe experiment by pinning up one from your photos and see what you think?


  8. I really like how you always get the best out of a pattern, be it by trying different types of fabric or hacking! I actually like both tucked in and over looks, but I usually end up with the ticked options. I hate having a bare midriff so crop tops are usually out for me.


  9. Hi Gillian, I’ve also been trying out wide pants this summer, and I’ve found that I actually get a lot of wear out of a cropped top that I happened to buy a couple of years ago. It’s cut like a Penny Raglan, but a little swingy, and hi-low. It’s not so cropped that it reveals anything. I recommend! Also, I clicked through to your Winslow Culottes, and I think that lace black top would look great with the floral culottes. Finally, I used the Sallie Jumpsuit to make some pull-on pants, and that worked really well too!


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