Nettie x Nettie

I always say that Closet Case Patterns take me a year to fall in love with, because I’m so behind on trends! When they are first released, I think, “Stylish, but could I pull that off?” Sometime later, I suddenly become obsessed!

That’s the story with the Nettie dress, but much, much delayed. I used the Nettie bodice to make a Tiramisu mash-up in 2014, but didn’t pick it up again until this January! I’ve worn that striped version quite a bit with cardigans and leggings in winter, and now I have spring and summer versions as well!

The spring version is my attempt at scrap-busting and sustainable sewing. I had a bunch of large scraps left from other dresses, and I managed to patch them together into something new!

Colour-Blocked Nettie

My inspiration was this Gorman dress, but because my underbust seams falls a bit higher, I actually feel a little Regency in this dress! Regardless, I like it a lot.

All the scraps come from Liverpool knit projects in the past year. I think Liverpool is perfect for someone like me who wants a skimming-but-not-body-con take on the Nettie. It’s what I’ve used in all three versions, rather by accident! (Not sure what Liverpool is? I talked about it in more detail in this post for Cali Fabrics.)

Here are the fabrics I used for this scrappy Nettie:

scrapbusting.jpg Recognise them? My Angles dress, Burda Style dress, SOI Heather Dress, and the winter Nettie!

Here’s how I wore it in early spring:

Colour-Blocked Nettie

Now it’s about 20 degrees Celcius warmer, so it’s time for a summer Nettie sundress!

Closet Case Nettie Sundress

That’s more like it! I blogged about this version in full on the Cali Fabrics blog, including how I did the split hem and the hidden shelf bra inside. I love, love, love the bright blue of this Liverpool fabric!

Closet Case Nettie Sundress

Shall we chat about fit for a moment? When the pattern was first released, it only went to 18, and was later released up to size 20 like other Closet Case Patterns. The CPP team was happy to send me the updated pattern when I asked, which is good customer service. I sew a size 18 bust, and a larger-than-20 hip. My hip measurements actually fit the 20 pretty well, but like with my recent Fiona dress and Jalie Lisette skirt, I know I feel best when I add some ease for my hips.

Closet Case Nettie Sundress

I wore this dress to a staff party on the last day of school, and it was perfect! (Here’s a pic on Instagram.) I wore my Suki robe overtop, which made it true Secret Pyjamas!


Here are my three Netties, all in a row! January, April, and June – so I wonder what version I’ll make this fall?

As the number of new pattern releases grows exponentially, there’s something lovely about digging out an older pattern, and seeing it in new light. I’m sure there are any number of other patterns that would give a similar shape, but for me, Nettie has certainly become a TNT!

(Maybe one day I’ll even make the bodysuit! OK, surely not? But who knows! Maybe it will be my new favourite in 4 more years!)

25 thoughts on “Nettie x Nettie

    1. Hahaha – my neighbor caught me taking those pics in front of her garden at 7 and wondered what the hell I was doing! 🤣


  1. I really admire your skill at combining prints, your dress is lovely.

    And I love how varied people’s perceptions of temperature are. 20C is barely into spring here, I still need sleeves and a cardigan.


    1. It’s does vary so much, doesn’t it? When the first over 0c day comes in winter, it feels so warm! When 15c comes on a summer night, it’s cold!


  2. Your Netties have me now considering a Nettie, I’d always considered it too lower body fitted for me in the past. The scrappy one is so cool.


    1. I really love the dramatic hip curves from Jalie and Cashmerette, so I basically added that to the straighter Nettie shape!


    1. I’m definitely moving away from fit an flare and more girly shapes…. but then as soon as I say that, I think, “ooh, maybe I want a really huge dramatic skirt!”

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love these dresses on you, all of them! And yes it’s always nice to go back in your stash and look at some old favorites! (And I do have a stash of patterns… A big stash too! LOL!)


  4. Those are both lovely, but the ‘scrappy’ one is really special. The fabrics look amazing together. I know you make an effort to stick to your colour palette so perhaps that’s why they harmonise so well.


    1. I think my colour palette really helps my scraps coordinate! I’m inspired to keep being more creative with my leftovers!


  5. IT’S ALIIIVE (which is an obscure way of saying that scrap-pieced Nettie is amazing, especially love the stripe border). I know you’re not the biggest fan of separates but I love the bodysuit, and you never know, you might just like it! : )


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