Come hang with me on That Sewing Blab tonight!

Remember when we used to have #fabricchats every Friday on Twitter, circa 2012? It was so much fun to be able to hang out and chat with lots of sewists in real time. Well, for the next two weeks you can catch me hanging out online at That Sewing Blab! I hope you’ll come by and chat!


That Sewing Blab is a live internet show every Tuesday night from 7:30-8:30 EST. It is hosted on Crowdcast, which is a live-streaming website where you can make comments and ask questions as you watch. (You can also watch past episodes on YouTube.) It’s basically like watching us record a podcast – casual, chatty, and you can jump in anytime!

If you’d like to check it out, just follow this link at 7:30 tonight! 

The show is hosted by Myra Rentmeester and fellow-Canuck Dawn Pengelly.  I don’t know Myra well yet, although we did both take part in the Day and Night Dress Challenge! I met Dawn at Pattern Review Weekend, and I’m glad I did. Look at the amazing coats she’s made! And did you know there is a difference between denim and jean? I sure didn’t! Dawn mentioned that she studied pattern drafting in school, and I think it shows with posts like this one on zero-waste design.

This week we’re chatting about Crafting a Rainbow and the Sewcialists, but I’m back again next week (July 10) to co-host a show on Canadian bloggers with Dawn while Myra is away. I know a few familiar faces will be with us, like Taran, Rachel, Sue and Margo! (Canadian blogger test – can you match those names with their blogs?)

Come say hi if you can!

P.S. My episode is up on YouTube now! Check out the moment when cohost Myra blows my mind by standing up and revealing that she made herself a Sewcialists shirt!!!! 


2 thoughts on “Come hang with me on That Sewing Blab tonight!

  1. Great post Gillian! I am so happy to be meeting you tonight! I’m really enjoying your posts (so sorry I didn’t know before now!) and want to binge read as much as I have time for! However, I am a fan now! Dawn is an awesome designer and I am so honored to work with her! See you tonight for a fun show!


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